Mobility in combat

It would be nice if when you get shot you lay there waiting to be saved by some player or partner, as it usually happens in real life


It would be nice if when you get shot you just bleed at varying levels depending on the damage you take, and just die when your HP goes to 0

No seriously, immobility after getting shot is a worse idea than being able to be revived by others on death. It doesn’t introduce obstacles, it just makes PvP too easy.


You are wrong, because you can be running in free space and get knocked down, then your partner would have to risk going to where you are to get up or leave you to bleed to death, and this would make the PVP more difficult

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That just implies having to constantly play with someone you know.


I guess like a system like rust, if you don’t get hit in the head you can lay defenseless on the ground and can be revived. The thing I like about this system in rust is I can drop people enter there inventory and disarm them and then revive them. I have actually met 2 friends this way. Does it belong in unturned? Honestly I am 50/50 on the matter and think it could work done correctly.


If you have a partner or not, you die anyway :unamused:

If in fact I was referring to the rust system, why is it realistic and it would be good to apply it in Unturned since they want to make it much more realistic, thanks for the support :smiley:

Well, that idea doesn’t change anything in my gameplay, after all, I always play alone :frowning:.
But I prefer to see players dying instantly without having a chance to be picked up by their friends.

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One shot.

Sure, it does make PvP more difficult. For you.
Someone needs to shoot you once. Just once. And you’ll be helpless, waiting for your friend to pick you up. And then he shoots you friend.

You know what this promotes? KoS, because you can never really be sure what someone’s intentions are, so you have to shoot first. That naked cresting the hill over there? It’s likely he has a gun and can gun you down. Unlikely, but possible.

This removes any kind of skill at all. Just point and click. Guns don’t matter, ammunition doesn’t matter, body armor is next to useless, everything hinges on who sees the other first and who shoots first.

Is this what you want?


Yes but this would help you when you want to ask him if he wants to be on your team, because once he is on the ground you can see the inventory and disarm him, and then lift him.

He will say yes, he wants to participate, I will return the gun to him and when I turn my back he kills me, in Unturned it’s like that :unamused:

This may work in Rust, but it sure as hell won’t work in Unturned. The toxicity is far worse, and the second you give somebody a gun, they’ll leave your group and backstab you immediately. I’m not saying this is always the case, but it usually happens.

I would like some more options to disarm people rather than straight up kill them tbh. Could be funny to just steal someone’s shit but not kill them.

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Maybe he means like in rust, do you call that easy?

This has nothing to do with giving someone a gun or inviting them to a group

If you invite someone to a group that’s your fault if he backstabs you, lord nelson won’t save you.

I see your point, but I’m talking from Chicoboo’s situation.

All survival games are like that Ha-ha, but if they became that it would be your fault for giving him the gun

That’s why I say it’s better to just kill him.

Yeah, but you could pick him up and then follow him back to his base without him knowing

Go until someone thinks the same thing haha

Thank you for thinking the same way :slight_smile: