I ask one simple question…

Do you think Unturned as managed to modernize in a way that allows it to hold it’s on in things such as graphical fidelity when compared to other games?

Do you think Unturned II might quickly become overshadowed by better and more advanced survival games coming out at a faster rate?

I do.


Everyone thinks that Unturned II will be much better than Unturned 3.0 in all aspects.

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I don’t think anyone is playing Unturned for the graphics and while II is getting a bit more detailed style it’s not the only reason the people are interested in the game.

Unturned has its own simple style that doesn’t exactly age, at the time of 3.0 and 2.0 being on steam it was not revolutionary and it will stay that way. Just like Fortnite has cartoon-ish style that won’t age quickly.

Also upgrading the graphical style of the game would take more time and would make the task of developing the game even longer.


I think one of the differences between say, a game like Rust, vs Unturned is the availability and difficulty.

Unturned II will be free, and presumably have very interactive gameplay, hopefully levelling out with Rust in exchange for its graphics. On top of that, anybody will be able to mod the game easily, being able to add whatever they want to expand on the game.

I think posts like these are less about worrying for the game and instead they’re a biproduct of impatience among people waiting for Unturned II. We’re all just going to have to wait and see how it turns out.


I dont have to wait >:) cause i got the beta already.


actually two questions

Unturned ll is not graphically advanced other survival games, but is kind of in the middle of Minecraft RTX and Roblox graphics.

Unturned ll might slowly die out from new and upcoming survival games

or might die off like unturned 3, as it has a large supporting playerbase at the start and slowly diminishes as time goes on.

Games with Cartoon-like graphics age like fine wine, there’s no reason to talk about graphical fidelity.
I mean, look at The Wind Waker, it’s been out for 17 years and it still looks incredible.


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