More about vehicle upgrading/customizating

I have made a vehicle post Before but it was really messy and didn’t have Everything in it that I wanted to have in it… so here is Another one :smiley: enjoy and tell me your suggestions and ideas

first of all, these are needed
Jumper cables
also read this post too it relative to this topic, about damage and armor too.
Vehicle Armour System


So upgrading and customizating in my opinion should definietly be added
also that scrapping broken down cars, like for example there is an offroader that has crashed in to an tree, wich has 3 whole tires, a whole gastank one whole side window, and some whole bodypanels, you could take those parts as whole and not need to brake them to scrap, and that you could get some parts that way instead of crafting everything. Also every upgrade has some pros and some cons, for example hevier armor -> vorse handling and acceleration, better Engine -> worse handling better acceleration, offroad wheeles -> better grip and steering in offroad, hevier as an spare tire
(I Think that customazing and and upgrading should be the same thing so yeh now when thats said lets start)

upgrading armor
I think it would be good to add crafting armor to specific parts, wich means that you dont armor the whole vehicle with one part or something like that, but that you need to build different parts of armor to the doors, the roof, the fenders and so on. also that all upgrades have plus and cons for example adding heavy armor will add to your vehicles weight wich will affect your vehicles handling and acceleration and so on, when again removing bodypanels and putting on for example lightveight pipe bodypanels would make your vehicle lighter and accelerate quicer and the vehicle would have better handling.
Just removing bodypanels and doors and such…

when you upgrade your cars armor you would need to get the specific parts or craft them, so when you Craft armor for example you want to Craft armor to your cars left front fender:
you go to a Workbench in your garage (now thinking that you have one, you could do this under a tarp roof or just on your house garden whatever…) at the Workbench you could Craft from different types of metals different kinds of armor to the front fender, you could have some military armor from when you scrapped the crashed military humwee you found and you Craft a military armor front fender upgrade, or from just random scrap metal scrap armor, or from pipes pipe armor/ or rollcage ich thing whatever you prefer to call it.

different types of armors should have different durabilities and weight but they should also protect best against a specific type of damage, for example: all kinds of plate armor would protect better against bullets and so, but would be waker against crashes, bc they would be pushed in and take more damage bc that. then again pipe armor wouldnt protect against bullets as well bc they wouldnt cover Everything, but they would be perfect against collisin damage, and they would be lighter and sheaper.

Also not only one kind of every armor type, I’d like to see different styles so that you can personalize your vehicle more


Rollcages should be added


rollcages should be added so that you could build them and put them in your vehicle to make it hold better and prevent the car from crushing you if you are in a big crash
like different kinds of rollcages and such upgrades

also could be used to put stuff on like this Wheel,

grind hard plumbing Tacoma Its from a yt cannel.
but different kinds of rollcages too.

window armoring
armoring windows in my opinion should be in game too.

just different kinds of windows, like normal, and bulletproof, but the bulletproof would veight more than normal glass and thin plates/pipes.

so you might prefer some metal plating instead for bulletproof glass, or metal bars.
the metal plates could be more durable against bullets and so but would be easier bent in collision, when the pipes in the other hand would be more durable against collision damage but will not protect as efficiently against bullets.
think about having a metal plate cover for your passanger seat window and you have a part that you can open

or mabye you just want to remove the windows and that armor, to have less weight on your vehicle.

different types of Wheels should be added (also rims) and sizes.
There should be something like these main categories and then different kinds of Wheels in them
street Wheels, offroad Wheels, Winter street Wheels, Winter offroad Wheels, (wheelchains, that would be just chains you can put on any kinds of Wheels)
street Wheels would just be normal Wheels that work best on roads, but are worse on offroad
offroad wheels would be the best type of Wheels in offroad, but arent that special on the asphalt roads (I dont say that they should be bad on them)
winter street wheels should be like normal street wheels but just better in the winter than normal ones and they should also be better in offroad than normal wheels, but still not nearly as good as offroad tires
winter offroad wheels they should be better in the winter.
wheel chains they could be added to any wheels and would make them better in offroad and in the Winter (they arent normal chains they have little sharp edges so that they stick to the wheel and road better)

All wheels should also have different “levels” of Wheels

like from all worn out street Wheels

to brand new offroad tires
(different Wheels have different kinds of grips in different type of terrain)

Bumpers should reduce the damage your vehicle takes from collisions, different kinds of bumpers will have different pros and cons, like some might weight more but be more durable, when other might weight less but not be as durable.

also that you could put winches on the bumpers, and not only front bumpers, also back bumpers, they wouldnt look the same as front bumpers but they would also protect more from collision damage


Engine upgrades
Now im not only talking about upgrading the Engine with some better parts, I hope that there will be different kinds of Engines, for example inline 4, V6, V8

and that you could swap the Engine of your vehicle and so, but if you swap to an bigger Engine it needs to fit or you have to have an makeshift vehicle that you could customize however you vant so that the Engine fits.

wich would be very flammable but give the car an extra kick when u use it, some of you might know how it works without me explaining (if you dont know plz google it and Watch yt ame with Everything else :slight_smile: )
Turbos, Blowers, Superchargers
they should be an upgrade to the Engine that would give an extra kick that stays, you know
turbos should be stackable, you know how, so that you could have one turbo or Twin turbo, quad turbo. more Power :smiley:

Power, the sounds, the feeling.

Nitro and turbos and all that should be added NOT FOR RACING PURPOSES, its for the Power and speed, so that you can get away from you enemies so that you can have more weight on your vehicle and still the vehicle could manage to go up for a steep hill and so on.

storing items in a car shouldnt be the system it is now, i think it should be that you need to place stuff in the trunk so that you see it and so on, Bc if you would for example have an pickuptruck you could just take the shit you gathered and throw it on the back and… yeh
or if you have an hatchback without an trunk lid… you get the tought?

also that you could strap on some stuff like shovels, gascansiters, gastanks, spare wheeles, spare pars, or random loot.

suspension should be upgradable too, there should be different heights and different toughnesses and different qualities, some stock suspension wouldnt be so special when again some new springs with changable height (height that you could change in your garage when you build on your vehicle)
so that you could make lifted wehicles that would preform better in offroad, or lovered that would preform better on roads, assuming that not all the roads are full of zombes or totally broken down

different typers of brakes, there should be drumbrakes and disc brakes

there could be different kinds of brakes like som stock brakes and some racing brakes wich would have different kinds of brake Powers and handling pros/cons


Also when you get in a vehicle you must take of you backpack bc you cant sit with it on your back… jesus… Im sorry

Hope you enjoyed:D plz tell me your ideas and opinions too I wuld like to know them too :smiley:


This is a rather big suggestion i tried to read most of it but its good explained.
And i think this would be very nice to implement to add some real immersion to the game,
some things might be a bit overdone but mostly a great suggestion


yes I tried to keep it simple :smiley: but I can’t I need vehicle stuff in this game :D:

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Haha Its a great addition though Thanks for mentioning my post too :heart:

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I’m into car modding myself, but doesn’t upgrading a car as deeply as this defeat the purpose of ever having to find a better one? That’s what I’d expect a survival game to want me to do.


Well sort of but i dont think you can slap a v8 twin-turbo in a mini.
because i saw him mention some restrictions depending on the bodystyle

not neccesarily, it all depends on your playstyle and the moment, for example if you are going to go and loot on an desert you might want to drive a lighter car like an light framed car that doesnt sink in to the sand, or if you are going to raid someone with ur squad you might want to use more heavily armored vehicles or like if you are driving in to a zombie infested city you might not want to drive in with this car

you might much rather take this car

So it all just aqtually depends on the situation, your play style and your style of car choise :wink: mine is lightweight mostly, lighteigt and fast and fricking crazy like this :smiley:


I just don’t see why Unturned would need customisation more radical that what you see in actual racing games


Eeh it doesn’t have to be this expansive but some upgradeability would be cool

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Just to make myself clear I actually want vehicle upgrades in UII, but just not as in-depth as suggested because it overcomplicates something to the point of futility.


yes I might have made some things a Little complicated :smiley: but better to suggest too much than too Little :smiley:

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A lot of the stuff seems like interesting ideas but there are a couple things I wouldn’t consider having in a survival game. Having a winch seems like an interesting idea but there isn’t really any point to it if you aren’t going to have terrain detail like Spintires would have. Also, having nitrous oxide seems pointless for a survival game. Only way I’d consider it is if someone makes a gamemode based around racing.

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well yes thats true, but also a winch would be useful, for dragging yourself up from aditch or something when you have put it around a tree, or dragging your friends car out from a ditch or something, just as an example. also NOS would be very usefull, atleast in my opinion, cu it would give your car extra pover, if you choose to install it, you know you dont have to, it gives you the advantage of driving away from enemies who attack you in vehicles :slight_smile: if they dont have it then, soo it depends on how you look at the things :grin:

Just know, this could be a mod instead.

Nooo i dont accepti it D: no one would do a mod like that D: I Believe in nelson HE CAN DO IT :smiley:

but yes its true it could just be a mod, but I’d like to see it in the game bc it gives it more, would make the game more enjoyable in this part to the car guys too :smiley: I hope there comes a lot of crafting stuff to guns and houses too :smiley:

The reason I wouldn’t consider the nitrous is because it wouldn’t be very common to find it unless you have a lot of racing in the area or maybe something like a dental office. It may work if detail in Unturned II goes far enough to include something with a role as small as that. With the winch, there may be a few scenarios where you would use it but if you get into a ditch big enough that you can’t get out then there’s a problem. I don’t expect the game to focus on off-road terrain enough that you would even have a chance to get stuck. Something like winches and chains could be nice though if we don’t have ways to get vehicles out of weird positions like we do with the semi-godlike carjack in 3.0.

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well if the maps will be huge then i assume there will be some racing places and some dentail offices too, and also some custom car parts shops… soo to me nitrous doesnt seem impossible, not at all :grin:

In the end it would depend on how in-depth vehicle customization will go. If modding turns out to be the way I expect it to be then it could be possible to make a mod that completely redoes the customization system and allows for that to be added in even if it isn’t included in the vanilla game.

yeh, but please tell me our expectations about vehicle customization :smiley:

I’d love for the game to have a level of customization somewhere around what Jalopy and Project Zomboid have. These things from the two games stand out to me the most:

  • Paint for vehicles
  • Components such as racks and bumpers which attach to certain spots
  • Batteries, fuel tanks, engines and air intakes can be replaced with different components
  • Individual windows can be replaced or removed
  • Seats can be replaced or removed (possibly reconfigure vehicles to hold more cargo/passengers)
  • Individual components wear down with use instead of just from collisions so certain things need to be replaced more often
  • Repair kits can be used to fix components up to a certain point
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