More complex wounding system concepts

TBH I just borrowed this from Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising, which you can check out if you wanna see what I mean.

1.)Limb-based wounding
-Shooting at someone in the head that has a helmet(military helmet) with a low caliber weapon should induce some sort of concussion, and should add a weird effect as well as reduced weapon stability
-shooting in the arm should make actions like healing reloading, etc slower, and also reduce weapon stability
-shooting in the leg should slow someone down, and shooting both legs should require someone to crawl(stay in prone) until they heal themselves.
-if someone gets hurt but isn’t hit in the head, blown up, or damaged too much, they should lay on their backs with a wounded animation
-the player should be prompted to commit suicide, and can still use the walkie-talkie to communicate to their friendlies that they are wounded
-a marker should appear on the person, and on the map for those who are in the same group so they can still heal them and/or know they are down
-other players should be able to shoot them to finish them off, or can heal them with a medkit, which further encourages someone in a group to be carrying lots of medical supplies, which in turn encourages better teamwork
3.)Anything Else?
-What do you guys think of?

the Incapacitation section as a whole

no. this is a survival game, not some kind of milsim. this doesn’t fit at all, especially the communicating/markers.

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This is Unturned, not Rust

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The incapacitation system would not work too well as there are a lot of people who go solo on unturned, meaning that they would have to commit suicide or hope that a good Samaritan comes along (no chance)


This additions can make the game frustrating

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