Shooting effects on body parts

Shot in the instant death head, Shot in the leg results in broken bone if they reach your two legs you may only be crawling slowly as your arms or being carried on the back by a companion, shot in the arm results in temporary loss of arm mobility considered that he is broken or you can only use the other hand, shot in the back or the chest only damage since it is usually Where the shot hits it would be annoying all the time dying for a shot in the heart that would make more sense to the anti bullet vest but I think very inconvenient , then in case you take a shot at the head of any weapon (by taking out the sportshots and possibly weapons that shoot lead balls) you die, in the arms you temporarily lose the mobility in the legs you become temporarily crippled in the chest and in the back only the damage for reasons explained above.

This has been suggested a billion times over,

And I feel like most people agree with bullets causing status effects. Just for balance though you should be able to survive non sniper rounds to a un armored head, or else time to kill would be ridiculously low, giving a massive advantage to people that catch their opponent with their pants down, which would be very often seeing as in a survival game you have to do things to survive, and arent just moving around looking for other players. That could also be applied to limb crippling, as it would be pretty annoying for a single 9mm bullet to break your leg, for balance reasons.

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This suggestion would fitted with “you-are-a-sniper-related” game.

Not here though.


You really have to look through other threads to make sure you’re not suggesting a frequent suggestion.

That being said I disagree with all guns insta-killing you to the head. Realism for the sake of realism is bad, and this makes it far too easy to get a kill.


Unturned heads are still too big, and if we’re being honest, the maps will probably still be too small and dense for 1-shot headshots for all weapons to be well balanced. If heads were smaller and engagement ranges were further, it could be a more viable option.


It sounds like hardcore mode. I like it, but it has to be toggleable on servers. So those modded servers for beginners can disable it.

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Getting one shot when you have full health is absolutely terrible. I am completely against this. TTK is already very short in Unturned, and now you want to get oneshot regardless of the weapon?

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