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Unturned 4 Horde Mode Suggestions (Original post)

This post will deal much more with specific ideas rather than concepts, hence why I made a new topic.

I had to think of a way to allow players to collect items without making the game luck based, so I got the idea of:

Item Vending Machines: These would function very similarly to Perk A Cola machines in Call of Duty Zombies, except with specific items. This is how a player could upgrade their weapon with attachments, a flash light, suppressor, etc. I also had the idea (if possible) that they could give players individual skill increases, to allow them to function even more like a Perk machine.

In my Unturned 4.0 Horde Concept Map (in 3.0, I tested some of these ideas in a Horde setting) I have a major issue with barriers and how zombies interact with them, so I came up with :

Barrier Blocs: Essentially what these are, are repairable barricades that have 5 stages. The first stage being the first board is removed, the second being the second board removed by the zombie, this goes for however long until the final stage. The final stage cannot be destroyed by the zombie or player and solely serves as Box Collider to be able to interact with to repair the barrier up to its first stage

Again, in my Unturned 4.0 Horde Concept Map, I ran across the issue of Zombies (go figure). They are too fast!! Here’s how I believe they should work in 4.0 :

Zombie Speed Settings : The speed scaling of the zombies should be set to the difficulty that the player is playing on. The speed should also increase as such : Wave 1 - Speed is a slow walking speed, easily out paced by the normal player movement speed. The speed of the zombies slowly increases to a run, then a sprint as the waves go up, This scaling happens much quicker as you go up in Difficulty.

Zombies also have the problem of spawning instantly. In Call Of Duty, Treyarch solved this by showing a particle effect of dirt and having the zombie model rise from the ground, which brings me to my next suggestion :

Horde Specific Zombie Spawns : What I mean by this is special things that occur in Horde Mode when zombies spawn. Take my example of the rising model, that would be a functional addition and actually add more than you think to the game if added. It tells players where zombies are currently spawning, and gives them time to prepare for them or kill them before they can be attacked by them. In 3.0, they just spawn instantly which isn’t very fair or functional.

A big issue on my Concept map is zombies losing interest, this suggestion goes hand in hand with my Playable Area suggestion from my first post:

Global Culled Zombie Navmesh : In horde mode, there should be some sort of system that allows areas to be EXCLUDED from the global Navmesh of the zombies.What comes to mind is certain event timed things in Call Of Duty Zombies where zombies cannot be allowed to attack the player, or reach them. Take the film room on Kino Der Toten for example, or the gondola on Mob Of The Dead.

I will add more to this post when I think of them, these are the ones I came up with while creating my concept map. I created it to test a few of these suggestions to see if they fit any sort of Horde mode or not, and ended up with even more suggestions.

What does the community think of these? I’m interested in a discussion over Horde Mode :slight_smile:


When I think of Unturned’s Horde Mode (never played it since I had to uninstall the game over a year ago), first awesome thing that comes to my mind is that it should be similar to The Last Stand and The Last Stand 2. Both of these are free browser games available at

If you can do so, play both games. These are more or less how facing a horde, struggling for protecting your compound should be in any zombies game (except for some features I can discuss with you when you finished testing the game and come back).

I don’t really think horde mode should be indoors unless it’s like a big hospital or research place like s7 and we have to keep away the zombies from getting outside. The maps should have lots of detail with tons of destruction and be small sized. I also think there should be 2 more npcs helping you keep away the zombies if you play solo. If they get killed by zombies, they become a zombie in 40 seconds or next wave

Yeah I really was disappointed with horde mode in 3.0. I hope that in 4.0 there are a lot of editor options for this kind of gameplay that will allow the intensity of Call of Duty for some maps and a more relaxed vibe for others.

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