Unturned 4 Horde Mode Suggestions

3.0 attempted to include Horde Mode, a mode where a player would survive endless hordes of zombies by building bases or surviving with friends. I have some suggestions for 4.0 horde mode (if it is a planned feature of course).

  1. Playable Area Volumes. These volume like objects are attached to the global navmesh, as if saying to it “If the player is inside this area, spawn zombies in this area at the beginning of the horde round.” This keeps zombies closer to the player more often, and zombies spawned in this area can walk between playable areas. This can somewhat be done in 3.0, however it requires the player to be inside a different nav mesh and the zombies cannot walk between these nav meshes.

  2. Scaling weapons. This would be a horde mode exclusive thing. A player can use XP gained by killing zombies to increase the damage or ammo capacity of their guns, effectively adding to the game more skill related aspects.

  3. Shops or buy-able things inside a player inventory. I got this idea from Call of Duty : Ghost’s Extinction mode. Between rounds the player can open their UI and purchase turrets or weapons from their inventory, or level up skills. Imagine if between rounds players could purchase buildables to build a base to defend against the endless zombie hordes, have it get knocked down by the end of a horde, and have to build a better and bigger base to defend in the next round.

  4. Time of day setting. In 3.0 horde mode is always set to permanent night time, it would be nice to have the choice of setting it to another time of day.

  5. Round editor. This would be an extra thing along with my other suggestions. In the editor of a horde map, the player can organize what zombies will spawn in what order on what round. So it would be set up like this “Every X rounds, spawn X amounts of zombies” or “Every 10 rounds, spawn a mega zombie” or something.

  6. Player Exclusion Zones. This would pretty much be a volume in which acts like a collier for players but not for zombies. This volume could allow Call Of Duty Zombies style maps or remakes as zombies need to spawn in “windows” and climb through them to get inside.

I wonder what the community or Nelson thinks of my suggestions!


This basically looks like a sweet mashup between CoD Zombies and TF2 MvM mode.

Very thoughtful.


Dammit a horde mode suggestion has already been posted. I was setting one up in a text document :frowning:

At least it’s a quality suggestion and not “lul Noslen plss ad hordMOD XdDD!!!111!1”

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I always wondered why horde mode never got much attention, or even a vanilla map. Hopefully Nelson will improve it in 4.0!

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