More makeshift weapons?

just stopping by to tell you people i want more makeshift weapons.

sorry to all the plebs who think i should have made a longer post.

also, wasn’t there supposed to be a makeshift pistol in 3.0?


What’s the plastic bottle for?

its an incredibly shitty silencer, i remember seeing someone doing the same on youtube some years ago


The idea is nice and the gun on the picture, as well.It looks very professionaly made!


The bottle. I would guess it works like a silencer? Perhaps?

The gun itself looks amazing, but the bottle XD Seems bit unnecessary

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i just threw it on last minute as a showcase of makeshift attachments along with the zip-tied on laser pointer

It’s so that the gun can drink and doesn’t die of thirst, just rust :smiley:

yes more makeshift weapons :smiley:
and waterbottle silencer :smiley:

Do you know how a suppressor works? That would only increase the noise if anything

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loudenser waterbottle :smiley: even better :DD

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yes, i do know how suppressors work. you’re supposed to fill it up with crumpled up paper (which is really hard to model btw) and it only works once, but it does work.

guess i’ll post a new image since there is only one thing people are talking about


that’s fucking cursed


nice job withe the zip tie

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I agree with this, More makeshift weapons so that it actually seems like the other weapons are rare, same with the real nonmakeshift weapons they should become rarer

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I would like Unturned II to have more craftable weapons then there were in previous versions, but I think that the weapons that are easily crafted with limited tools, materials, skills, and information should be limited to weapons that are unlikely to ruin the meta of any map. IMO the basic makeshift weapons should be things like single-shot slamfire pipeguns, muzzleloaders, bows, pneumatic guns, slings, spearthrowers, and melee weapons. If you want players on a map to be able to easily craft machine guns, then you can make the resources for doing so more common on that particular map.

Besides that, there should be like 5 minutes to make it or some time since you know people can make a lot of these and be bandits

Ah I see.
That’s quite a shitty suppressor then

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it should be a viable option to just go to a forest area and hunt animals for meat and clothes, get metal from crashed cars and stuff, collect rainwater to drink, and farm crops, and live completely off the environment without looting. Bows could be made using leather and sticks, and melee weapons like spears from logs/sticks as well.

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