More stamina vehicles

I know this is random, but since we got the bicycle… Could we get the rowboats and canoes as well?

I dunno. Just seems like something fun. I know, it’s a waste of space and such, but ye


Sounds like a good idea

Yeah I was hoping for a rowboat.

I think molt already suggested such thing eons ago.

Which map(s) would they spawn on, and how would it improve that map/those maps?

If canoes and rowboats spawned fairly frequently in Russia, it could become one of the main methods of transportation.

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I’d actually absolutely love if we could have silent and stamina powered water transportation.

Canoes and rowboats on all maps with water, paddleboats for specifically maps that have rivers rather than oceans (e.g. Washington). Perhaps sailboats, but i don’t think that’s really viable in 3.0 at this point

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You can’t really be silent when you’re in water. Everything should have sound. Even the damn bicycle. I ride that shit and it’s so anticlimactic. It’s so fucking silent. At least add the sound of the chains before I kill myself of the silence xD

Which it might be. Nelson managed to create stamina powered stuff, he might just be able to make it have an alternate invisible power source that doesn’t show up. But, being powered by actual wind? Definitely no chance.

I think he means more quiet than a motor version xd

When I say silent I mean relatively speaking.

Sure, even an oar makes splashing sounds, but it’s leagues quieter than the combustion of a gas powered engine.

I also agree that the bicycle needs slight sounds, but the way vehicle sound is coded in Unturned is super weird (merely making the pitch higher when the vehicle goes faster, leading to some really weird sounding vehicles)

Sure, +1

(to hell with this 10 character limit!)

Probably one of the first ideas I’ve seen that I could A. actually understand and B. get behind. Especially if Nelson just uses the boat objects already in game (bonus points if you need the oar to use one!)

Oars could be like wheels for cars.
You’d have to install the oars on the in order to actually sail

Vehicles make loud noises that could be heard from 100~150m away which is understandable
How about make boats make the splashing sound of swimming (loud and obnoxious) heard from 50m
But the bicycle should have sound that could be heard from 5m.

Hell, I’m fine with 1m, just give it sound