More tanks

Only one tank is boring, and it looks plain and blend, so how about we get some more tanks but nerf all of them because they will become crazy OP. Tanks shaped likea T-90 or a Leopard 2 with historical ones too like a T-34 or a Tiger II would be pretty epic.



Does not even exist yet, so that would be kinda hard.
Variety is the spice of life, but tanks (especially modern-ish MBTs) should not be a priority.
I also really don’t see how there would be T-34s lying around, much less Tiger IIs.

So long as there is no “proper” combined arms a la for example Sqaud there is little to no point to pay that specific type of vehicle anymore mind than neccessary for it to work basically.


corrected it and thanks for pointing it out

Whether or not the tanks should be in the game is an old discussion that divides a lot of opinions. I believe they should be present in the game, being used as a base defense against a horde, or as an attack vehicle, attacking other players’ bases.
But getting straight to the point of the topic.
I hope there are other types of tanks, perhaps one tank for each country corresponding to the map.
But the T34 and Tiger II are WWII tanks that shouldn’t be in the game, maybe with community mods, but in the vanilla game, I think it’s not very cool, historically.


I don’t think we should have more tanks. Tanks in their current implementation are basically useless as anything but base raiding, and having a super armoured vehicle with guns to drive around in and shoot people doesn’t sound for to be on the recieving end, just remember when you could put sentries on the APC, and the hell that was.

1 Tank is more than enough, IMO. I would like some different types of ammunition, like a shotgun, or a armour penetrating shell. Might be interesting.


It’s not like Nelson Sexton is going to need to justify the inclusion of hundreds of thousands of world war II tanks. The surviving tanks in museums, displays, private collections, etcetera are more than enough to account for the few tanks that should be on a map, and even if there were more tank spawns in an in-game location than tanks in its real world equivalent, that wouldn’t be the most unrealistic thing in Unturned II, and definitely wouldn’t be the most unrealistic thing in all of Unturned/Deadzone’s versions. Personally, I’d be most interested in seeing different light tanks, tankettes, or IFVs, but I can see more of a niche for historical tanks in militia/ranger locations than I can see niches unique MBTs for every country.

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I wouldn’t exactly support the idea of U4 becoming War Thunder or World of Tanks, but I would support the idea of better tank physics, and tanks being used for more purposes than in U3


He doesn’t need to explain anything, now I find it a bit strange to drive a Tiger II in the middle of a modern city, I think it breaks the game’s immersion a bit.

As for light tanks and APCs, I also like the idea of having them in the game, but they are as unvulnerable to turneds (imagining them with human strength) as MBTs, as well as being vulnerable to RPGs and anti-tank mines like MBTs themselves, so it would be much more a matter of Nelson’s taste if he wanted a MBT or a light tank.
Also, the idea of “I hope there are other types of tanks, maybe a tank for each country corresponding to the map” I spoke with the sense of having a tank for each map, for example, a map that goes on in Russia, there would be a tank inspired by a Russian tank, like the T90, if it happened in the USA, there was a tank inspired by the M1 Abrams.

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yes there might not be tanks lying around, but, this is a game with zombies in it so i dont see why tanks wont be lying around because im sure the army would want to stop the horde of zombies coming forth. as well i dont think it would be WW2 tanks as well because this is not in that time zone and we can see this from the guns in the game and i would love to see different tanks even if they are not different in anyway but shape.

Should we also exclude swords and bows from Unturned II, because they’re strange things to carry into a modern city?

Why have a T90 and a M1 if they’re both going to be main battle tanks that spawn at military locations? They each fill exactly the same role. Shouldn’t the priority be placed on tanks that aren’t balanced the same as main battle tanks or that would fit in militia locations?

Bows should not spawn in cities, in fact, I believe they should be just craftable, except for compound bows and crossbows; Already swords, personally, I am indifferent whether or not they should be present in the game, maybe they should continue only by tradition since we have the katana in both Unturned 2.0 and 3.0, in their place, I believe it is much better machetes, seen in a matter of time.

This is indeed an interesting point, and weight, but I believe it is a way to diversify the game. It’s like adding a specific house on a specific map, you understand me? Both houses will play the same role, both can contain items and “house” the player. Diversity is an interesting thing in the game.

We will only have 1 MBT type per map, not taking space for other vehicles and tanks.

A little question: are you against or in favor of tanks and / or APCs in the game?

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And neither should tanks.
It’s weird to drive old tanks into a modern city. It’s weird to carry old weapons into a modern city. Neither of them should spawn in cities, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be included at all, and it doesn’t mean players shouldn’t have the agency to bring them into cities.

A T90, M1 Abrams, ZTZ99, Leopard 2A4, PT91 Twardy, Challenger 2, etc. Would all more or less be reskins of eachother, providing only superficial diversity. Different houses have different layouts, with different amounts of verticality, different entrances and exits, different amounts of space, different angles to peak, and such, which come together to change how players can move and fight within and around those buildings.


This would be pretty cool.
I think like smaller tanks as well as larger tanks should be a thing.

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all members of the unturned community like memes about ww2 tanks and girls und panzer hentai so i think this would be a welcome addition to the game.

If we’re going to have ww2 german tanks in the game we may as well have anime girl decals to put on them as well. in all seriousness though, having ww2 tanks in a post-apocalyptic survival game is a dumb idea.


I mean zombies have taken over the world so I wouldn’t be surprised if a Leopard 3 exists.




As much as I love tanks, unturned is a zombie survival game lol. I mean it would be neat to have 2-3 different types of tanks, but more than that would be too much imo. I very much believe that there will be a community that revolves around tanks


Just have 2 types of tanks but make them more useful than they are now in U3. Maybe give them significantly more transport storage, HP, and a mountable MG. Plus more.

Whatever you meant when typing this, it came out as “dogs also have Buddhism and none?”

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Military may have tried to defend an important point of a city, but for some reason (perhaps a special turned) the tank was not operational, and now to recover it the player will have to repair the damaged modules of it.

Replacing me one thing, in a zombie apocalypse, would you see more modern MBTs or WWII tanks?

That’s a mistake, they don’t have to be a reskin to each other, each must have functional differences, one being faster than the other while the other is more armored, another would have a faster tower, another would have an angle improved cannon depression and elevation (for example). Also, at no time did I say I wanted to see a T90 or an M1 abrams, but I said I would like to see an INSPIRED tank in real versions for immersion reasons.

In addition, you are presenting conflicting claims, sometimes you defend the idea of ​​having multiple WWII armor that has been stolen from museums and exhibitions, sometimes you say that adding different types of tanks (just because they are MBTs) is a bad idea, with the excuse that Nelson should endeavor to make other armored vehicles for the militia.
What militia would like to have a WWII Tank ?!

And when I ask if you favor tanks or not, you answer me this:

In the translator this sentence did not even make sense, and if it is a sentence with double meaning: I am slow :sweat_smile: