More Type of objects [Interactability]

Today I would like to suggest 2 object behaviors, for me it would be very useful and maybe for others too, these are Container and Trap
Poll below, free pipebombs(by mail)
I took the time to “design” .dat lines trying to replicate the existing structure
Object Container = Airdrop System
When you interact with this container, it goes from state A to state B (visually reflecting whether it was opened or not)

  • Interactability Container
  • Interactability _Container_ID (SpawnTable)
  • Interactability _Container_Max
  • Interactability _Container_Min
  • Interactability _Container_Reset
  • Interactability _Container_Effect
  • Interactability_Container_X (Capacity)
  • Interactability_Container_Y (Capacity)
  • Interactability_Container_Searchable
    [true/fase] (default false) (all item’s icons are temporarily replaced by a blank one, practically the EFT loot system, the search time defined by the size of the item)
    Example: [IconNotFound]
  • Interactability_Container_Searchable_Multiplier
  • Interactability _Container_Conditions
  • Interactability Container_Condition#_Type [Item/Flag]
  • Interactability Container_Condition#_ID

I find it a bit annoying to use barricades as false objects for traps, it might be better to have a type of object that can interact as a trap without using a Barricade and [Insta]Kill Volumes
Barricade traps = Object traps
same tag/layer

  • Interactability Trap
  • Interactability _Trap_Player_Damange
  • Interactability _Trap_Zombie_Damange
  • Interactability _Trap_Animal_Damange
  • Interactability _Trap_Type [Explosive/Wire]
  • Interactability _Trap_Effect (When something or someone touch the trap)
  • Interactability _Trap_Radius (if is Explosive)
  • Interactability _Trap_Destroyable [true/false] (default false)
  • Interactability _Trap_Destroyable_Health
  • Interactability _Trap_Destroyable_Effect (Effect when destroyed)
  • Interactability _Trap_Destroyable_Reset

This is a suggestion written by someone who has no programming or similar knowledge so I don’t know how difficult (even incompatible) it is, I speak from my user’s POV
Although personally I would like to see it or something similar.

  • Yeah, It can be useful
  • Nah, is pointless
  • I just want the free pipebomb
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This would be extremely helpful, with the current workarounds being extremely performance-cost-intensive, this would also let modders accomplish a lot more with core unturned mechanics that the objects currently lack. This shouldn’t also be too hard to implement with the current systems already being supported by barricades!

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Agreed, I feel like it would be a good addition, I’d just add that there should be a way for traps “objects” to also interact with vehicles, but both it and the container ideas feel like good ideas. I also like the idea of the searchable container, however it might be a bit difficult to implement.

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