Weight and Multi-Usage Items Suggest [With Details]

Hello again, its me, the guy from More Type of objects [Interactability] with something else… ITEMS, yes sir
I apologize for bad English or any mistakes (especially to Molton if this is in the wrong category, again)
Right Now i want suggest an Weight System and an Muli-Usage System
1.Config.Json/Singleplayer Config
So, lets go to the point fast
Game Dificulty option like “Has Durability” but now other option is “Has Weight” (This enables or disables the difficulty weight system, although it may be easier to do it like Can_Ever_Jam line, within the same .dat of the item)
And OverWeight_Break_Per_Tick #/OverWeight_Break_Multiplier # (Explained in 3.OverWeight)
2.Items .DAT
In the Items .dat the line “Weight” Specified the Weight (in Kg)
And for Backpacks and, in general clothing, the line will be “Weight_Capacity”, it defines the max amount of Weight that a backpack can carry

There are 6 Levels of weight in the cloth
0%-20% Perfect [Dark Green]
21%-40% Good [Green]
41%-60% Medium [Yellow]
61%-80% Almost Full [Orange]
81%-100% In the Limit [Red]
+100% OverWeight [Dark Red] Debuff: -20% Speed and the cloth will break slowly (Damange Specified by “Weight_Break_Per_Tick #”) This is cumulative effect for every 20% extra weight (OverWeight_Break_Multiplier will be multiplied by 2)
This will be fast and simple
obviously made with paint, I’m not a graphic designer
I am aware that if this were to be added as something official, the main problem is that this option would not be compatible with mods without support, leaving the “dead” and other mods broken and no one would like that, that is why I also thought of a alternative
If the game is unable to find the weight in the .dat (and “Has_Weight” is true), it will not block the item but what it will do is report the error in the error log (maybe not) and will create a weight based on the dimensions of the item, which although this option may not be powerful, it is enough to allow use with mods with no Support
the same with clothing but using the capacity dimensions to define the maximum weight load
The table is based (X×Y)x100 and turned into Grams (For Example the item CD Player its 2x3 so its automatic weight is 600 grams although its manual weight is 1 kilos)
6.Disabled and Extra
If Has_Weight is False, all Weight Related things will be hided to avoid irrelevant information, and the same thing will be helpful with “Has_Durability”, hide all Durability related things (although if this is difficult or even seen as unnecessary there is no problem with skipping this)
7.fact that nobody cares
The purification tablets are not directly consumable, they are toxic as they contain chlorine/iodine

We all know that those “Multiple uses” items are actually several items in a chain, which may be unnecessary, why not create an option that allows it to be used multiple times using only 1 item
Just something in the .DAT like “Usages #” (Default 1) and display the max and current usages in the item Icon (If “Usages” is = “Usages Default” then disable the Usages counter)

What do you think??
  • Yeah, why no?
  • Indifferent
  • No.
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I mention and repeat, I speak from my point of view as a user and I do not know how difficult or incompatible it is, I speak from my point of view and if you agree or disagree, feel free to comment.

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First of all, this is one of the best suggestions I’ve ever seen and you did a very good job formatting it and all. But I’m going to be brutally honest;

Micromanagement =/= fun challenge

I don’t think a weight system would fit with modern Unturned at all and nobody would use it, which is why I don’t think Nelson would bother to add it since it would be a lot of work for a feature almost nobody uses.

Better multi use item support would be pretty nice though and I agree that purification tablets shouldn’t be consumable, there’s already so many other immunity and health restoring medical items I think it would be nice if that was reduced.

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First of all, thank you for being honest.
Second of all, this is right, it can be annoying or even useless from a gameplay point of view, although there will be a group of people, although small, who like it. But thanks anyway, you make a good point.


Yeah you’re certainly right about that, I just don’t think adding new mechanics to unturned would make it as appealing (for people who prefer realism) as something built for realism from the ground up like project Zomboid, which I recommend if you haven’t played it :slight_smile:

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I did, but this is more inspired in EFT and the tetris Inventory Mod (Project Zomboid)
I wonder if can be made by using Plugins, but in the end i dont know nothing about it, i think its more easy making a game but i dont have any type of experience
And i doesnt need to be official in the classic meaning, can be like the “Can_Ever_Jam”, just a line and nobody uses the gun jam system (i love it)
Personally i think the game need a little more of modding capabilities without the needing of plugins