Mostly-accurate Official Storyline [SPOILERS]

Obviously, this thread contains spoilers for Unturned (version 3)'s story. Don’t read on if you don’t want to spoil yourself on the game’s story. :man_shrugging:
Although this information has been available in-game for a while…


Thousands of years ago, several Slavic tribes unite to fracture a “soulcrystal”, following a horrible incident. The tribes manage to succeed in fracturing the soulcrystal, and each tribe agrees to secretly encase a piece in stone such that no single person should ever know the location of all the fragments. One of the tribes buries their fragment in a tomb guarded by their spirit ancestor, Anastasia. This tribe will later record their history, and this event, through etchings along a hilltop stone monument. The most notable of these etchings is composed of runes representing nighttime, whispers, a harvest, and a soulcrystal.

A few months before the outbreak, Kilroy and his group of British museum curators decode the ancient tribal symbols found at the prehistoric stone monument between Keryev and St. Petersburg while pretending to be on holiday in Russia. While Kilroy is interested in finding the soulcrystal, they believe it to be only of superstitious or cultural importance.

Roswell UFO incident

On July 3, 1947, ships from the Polysol Federation conduct a resources report on Earth, and recommend keeping a patrol of the solar system to prevent pirates from attempting to steal any of planet’s resources. Later that month, two Polysol Federation ships are shot down by the United States military after they failed to acknowledgement communications. One of the ships lands in Roswell and its occupants are rescued, while the other is documented as lost and its occupants dead. The government releases falsified accounts regarding the two UFO crashes, which causes one military official to quietly retire and move to Montague, PEI.

Dr. Behan

On January 2, 2018, Dr. Behan—a Scorpion-7 employee—was evicted from his home in Alberton, PEI for unspecified reasons. The local government had grown suspicious of Scorpion-7, and had been investigating their facility since late-2017. Due to this, the head of facility began making plans to move the lab and the DNA splicing project out of PEI. They would end up relocating to Washington, although some of the employees were relocated to other facilities. Behan was sent to Yukon for a “hallucinogenic weapons” project, as contracted by Big J. The laboratory had already begun testing on local wildlife.

The creation of the Washington facility required tearing down a family’s farm. This family, who had a daughter named Laura, was secretly relocated to what would become Tignish Farm, in PEI. The family had their memories altered, and were left with Dr. Behan’s pet dog, Spot.

Once the Washington facility was built, they manage to uncover the crash site for the other Polysol Federation ship that was shot down. The occupants of the ship had entered an extended cryogenic sleep, and Scorpion-7 moves them to an unknown part of the facility.

Back in Yukon, Dr. Behan is adjusting well to his relocation, and was even invited to play chess with Dr. Stevens! That same day, the facility receives new contract work from headquarters, once again for the executives at Big J. The contract work was divided up between multiple facilities, and the consumer application was unknown to Dr. Behan.

Containment leak

A Washington journalist noticed an increase in food quality at Big J fast food restaurants, and planned to write an article on how they contracted Scorpion-7 to create addictive chemicals for their food, and the experimentation on wildlife in the process. At the same time, a containment leak occurs at the Scorpion-7 facility after an issue occurs with a bioweapon contract.

At 12:30 a.m., the military’s Bravo Team is briefed to begin securing the facility, having to move in earlier than anticipated due to the leak.

On May 21, General Harken requests from Area 51 that all files regarding the Polysol Federation be forwarded to Olympia Military Base. These files are received two days later, although it provides very little information outside of they were told on 1947.

With reports of a virus quickly spreading across the country, the local government in PEI order the destruction of the Confederation Bridge before communication was suddenly lost. The bridge was successfully destroyed, but it failed to prevent the spread of the virus into PEI.

Yukon suffers its own containment breach, and will end up falling to the infected outbreak.

Outbreak in Russia

On May 22, at 7:18 a.m., Flight 106 lands at Shereyavo International but fails to respond to the air traffic controller. The ATC alerts ground crew to be on standby in case of an emergency, but nine minutes later it is reported that the occupants were carrying an extremely fast-acting virus that is infecting everyone in the area. Security moves in to intercept, while everyone else is evacuated to Moscow.

The same day, Pavel is woken up by soldiers ordering him to work the turntable for the railway roundhouse at Vorkuta Junction, so that they may retrieve the World War II railway gun, nicknamed Ivan, stored there. They use Ivan to destroy all the train tunnels in their attempt to trap the infection in Russia, and even though radio contact was lost, they succeeded in blowing up all three tunnels.

Due to the outbreak spreading the Russian military thin, the Russian godfather orders Artyom and his other mafiosi to capitalize on the chaos.

The President of Russia orders General Boris to launch a nuclear warhead at Moscow in an attempt to destroy the virus spreading through the country. General Boris rejects the order, and cuts off communication. The Russian military launch an attack on Silo 22 in an attempt to forcefully launch the nuclear warhead, but the missile was sabotaged by General Boris, causing the entire northern area to become irradiated.

Scorpion-7 black site

Using the soulcrystal held at a Scorpion-7 black site in an unknown American state, a Scorpion-7 team attempt to hijack control of the zombies.

Additionally, the test subjects at the black site show no positive response to modified vaccine prototypes. The virus mutates too quickly for the vaccines to be effective, and begin mutating at a quicker rate following the injection of the vaccines.

One of the subjects grow acid glands, another begins to generate an electromagnetic field that can render the subject invisible, and a third subject shows fireproof properties.

Pre-outbreak in Germany

A hiker goes missing after falling into the Zugspitze abîme, and a camper seeks counseling, as he could have sworn he went camping in Bielefeld a week ago. Workers at the limestone quarry discover a dinosaur skull while drilling and blasting.

Pedro Riso and Terry Rickster, inmates at Fernweh Prison, befriend each other in the prison yard. Their cells are right next to each other.

Mawby, the owner of a German brewery, manages to mainstream berry cocktails, and other breweries in the region begin introducing berry mixes to their stocks too.

Post-outbreak in Germany

For the first time in weeks, Oskar—a farmer—heads into town to restock and meet up with Jerry. However, his trip is cut short when he spots multiple crashed cars, and zombies eating corpses as they milled around the street.

The German military initiate of Operation Flashflood. A team is sent with explosives on an away mission to the Rappbode Dam. The dam is crippled, the upper causeway is fortified for the time being, and the dam is opened while at max capacity. Hamburg is flooded, although there is otherwise very minimal geographical damage.

National Redoubt

Orders come in to begin the National Redoubt defensive plan. Military forces are moved to the western mountains, and their ongoing efforts are shifted towards Plan B. Plan B involves launching space shuttles with the supplies necessary to build a teleporter between the Neuschwanstein Castle and an orbital space station.

While several space shuttles reach their destination, several shuttles also either fail to launch or crash after being launched. Cologne is destroyed by a shuttle crash.

Eventually, Schwarzwald Military Base falls to the infected, and the Aerospace Defense Center becomes the only remaining facility that is still operational. One last shuttle launch is attempted before they fall to the infected, which failed to even lift off.

A group of survivors attempt to loot Neuschwanstein Castle, but are unable to blast through due to the front door. Every door and window appears to be shielded and covered in thick iron plates.

The Coalition in Germany

The Coalition arrive in Germany, and create their base of operations in Berlin’s mall. They begin to reclaim downtown Berlin, which causes various looters to band together to form the Syndicate.

The presence of the Coalition in Germany brings stability to the area, so trains begin to remain operational. All three road tunnels have checkpoints installed, although the soldiers stationed at them quickly grow restless.

A landslide occurs, obstructing the cliff railroad in northern Germany. A passing train is unable to stop before colliding with some of the rock debris, and the train derails. Most passengers are severely injured.

On August 17, 2018, the Coalition order for a four hundred square meter area in Berlin to be fenced off to facilitate a ten meter deep hole for cremating infected corpses.

Oktoberfest begins on September 22, and several survivors gather in Munich for the festival.

The Coalition fail in their attempts to locate the Syndicate rebel group, but remain on high alert and consider going on the offensive. Meanwhile, the Syndicate leadership plan a siege against the Coalition compound in Berlin, in an effort to permanently drive them out.

The Syndicate launch their three-pronged attack. Team A drive vehicles through the two bridge checkpoints into the compound, and provide covering fire from the overpass. Team B enter Berlin through the sewers, armed with heavy weaponry. Team C go to the main entrances, posing as survivors seeking refuge, and attack from the inside.

The Coalition compound falls to the Syndicate, and the survivors are driven out of Germany. Using the Liberator, they flee to Russia. Pedro Riso and Terry Rickster are on-board with them.

The Coalition in Russia

After retreating out of Germany, the Liberator arrives in Russia, and Russia joins the Coalition.

The Coalition assign General Roman to set up a forward operating base. After surveying the coastline, they choose to secure the oil rig. Reinforcements are called in to help the Coalition build a proper headquarters on the mainland, and several nuclear submarines begin to rendezvous at the oil rig.

A few minutes after one of the submarines dock, the coolant for its reactor runs low and overheats, entering a nuclear meltdown. The oil rig and surrounding area is irradiated before any survivors could be rescued, and results in the death of most of the remaining military personnel. The Coalition is only left with their facilities already aboard the Liberator.

And that’s the majority of what happened!

Following the Coalition’s loss of the oil rig, they’ll soon begin to realize that someone is smuggling supplies, and Major Len secretly goes undercover, resulting in Harry being taken when he follows Major Len to the smuggler’s cove.

Then? A survivor clambers aboard the Liberator, of their own accord, and meets Captain Sydney and Commander Laurence, before heading back out to get the radio towers operational once again.

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