Mre,Holsters,Belts and others pt 2

This is sequel to MHBao

I ended on subject ‘work station’ in MHBao so i said 4 days ago that i will update that but instead i made new disscution and named pt 2 as you see.
No time to waste


As you probably know that nelson makes AI for them (and drones) i pay more to the look,statistics,behaviour(well maybe kinda to AI i get to but i leave type 1 for nelson aka. Classic zombie that we have from unturned 1. Or 2. To UII),what items use,variants,places where you can find them and also look to see diffrence and tell who you must be aware mostly.

Look and variants -----------
Type 1

Its looking like our usual zombie thats why we have nothing to say to him more unless you care about variants with no limbs witch isnt a variant but a diffrence that make a some of them type 1.5 witch doeasnt own legs.

Type 2

it have some kinda armor plates on his high party of corpuse and some have vegetentions like (vines,grass,flowers and etc.) all over body.

Type 3

It have more of armor plates around sames as type 2 but in places higher than corpuse neck and head also he doesnt have eyes but poses hole on top of head variants same as 2

Type 4

Its similar to type 3 but bigger and have more of those plates around the body everywhere and much thiccer and variant that have addition to they armor that have some little spickes on armor plates around 1cm to 3cm lenght.

Type 5

A bit bigger and stronger than 4 but less thiccer armor have them on chest,neck and head.

Type 6

Normal looking zombie

Type 7

He is just coverd in some balls also he doesnt seems have armor but only bell is more fat and head coverd with those balls only one eye,mouth and some left/rigth site of his face are not coverd atleast also have the same variant type 2 have.

Type 8

Those are dead corpses but from them grows some kind of infective vegetation interesting hmm…

Prof. John Brotherson discore that you can get infected by rhose plants more information come soon for others survivors.But first those are statistics made by mine brother Jacob
(Also with type 1 that i was joking about variat that is just without some of his limbs is avalibel for all types and i shoudlnt said that is variant its just scrach from other of his battles/fights).


Type 1

Hp:100 (note for every type:depends if limbs are decapitetied counts for both statistics points)
Dmgps(Damage per scratch):15

Type 2


Type 3
Speed:little slowe thant 2

Type 4

Speed:slowe than 1

Type 5

Speed:slower a bit than T4

Type 6

Speed:faster than 2

Type 7


Type 8

Dmg:? (What did you expect form me John i not scientist or biologist i had job on reparing tools non of that observation and testing some infected people.Also i have less information about every of them than ms. Nicole i let here do mine job.)
More detailt information from ms. Nicole a biologist and physics she make here work better than me so thank you.
Speed: -


Dmg from bite: 6 pb (per bitte also a victim may bleed)


Dmg from bite: 9 pb and may bleed


Dmg from bite: 25pb and may bleed


Dmg from bitte:wyid (well you instand dead)
Dmg from throwned projectile: depepend what size and wieight projectile was throwned at you
Dmg from being throwned by zombie:depends also by height of fall of person body
Dmg from charging opponen: 25 Dmg of Spikes that posses new variant:3 (dont touch him)




Dmgpb:6 pb (those bite faster)


Dmgpb:8 pb
Dmg from throwned balls at you:8ps (cause those balls recently contain toxins and they make 3m wide and 5 tall gas cloud)
Dmg from called “hug of toxin balls”: 10ps


Dmg from infection cloud of smoke that they produce:20rps (radiation per second (recomended wear gas mask)

What items uses
Hammers,machets,sticks,baseball bats,knifes,can of fuel,rocks and etc.(they usually thrown or beats humans and whatever they dislike i mean barricades ofcourse also seems that they only use one hand to it) (wears armor)
(Same as but doesnt use something isnt a weapon or atleast that can be used as weapon even a rod seriously i saw one with rod in his hand) (wears armor)
(Only one handed tools and weapons) (wears armor)
(Some heavy stuff like boxes or big long logs hits with it in enemies or throws at them) (wears armor)
(sames as t4 mauls,electric line,long planks) (wears armor)
(Nothing) (wears armor)
(Same as previous) (wears armor)
(Guess what he could holds anything but it would not use it cuz you know dead) (wears armor)

Side note:they randomly can wear armor or use items also its affect speedof movement and of attacks also they could be some stuff or weapons stuck to body/that have still evwn if they turned.)

Places where you can find:
(1,2,3,6) anywhere but 2 and 3 more in closed places like buildings,metros, and other
(4,5,7,8) 30% you gonna saw them outside but common in darkness (closed places)


I will not touch that.
-Hides in dark or bushes/grass.
-attacking from back or front by surprise.
-climbs on opsticles (pretty fast).
-have also same featurise as AI that will be l added to UII but without aimlessly attacking you.
-he will runs from you if he is injured or ambush was a failrue.
-trying to pretend dead
-he would have only audio perception
-attacks if he hear you
-Run out of place if he injured
-can climb over a obsticual (fast)
-Throws you/something at you
-Charges on you
-Can climb over a props (slow)
-Attack aggressively and never turn back
-Same as 4 but climbs even slower
-Same AI as UII zombie will be
-fastest climbing
-Charge at you
-hugs you
-playing with you hide and ambush
-throws at you balls with toxins

That all also i want to hear your feed back comment as you want free speech cool.
And maybe i will make next pt
Oke bye.


Please note that you don’t have to publish a post immediately. You can keep it as a draft, and then post it when it’s finished, rather than just updating it three hours later.

It’s a bit hard to read your post. I’m assuming that you’re asking for stat variation on the one same “basic” zombie type, rather than various special types of zombies (e.g., burners, acid zombies, flankers).


Well i jues missclick a button in heat of pation also using a phone (hate those damn tiny bricks


I think u have very nice ideas, as the armored zombie, or zombies with no legs, arms or limbs out. But its kinda hard to understand. Try to do it on a notepad and read it sometimes till u see that its nice.
Interesting post but kinda hard to understand :sweat_smile:

I will a little check on that

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