My Combat Suggestions

Hi, I’ve been playing Unturned since early access and have been excited for Unturned II since i first heard Smartly Dressed Games was working on it. I think these suggestions will help Unturned II be an even better game. I’m hoping that Nelson will consider some of my suggestions for Unturned II.

• Shotguns, SMGs, Pistols, Assault Rifles, Snipers: In the current Unturned some of these categories are useless, some of them are too good. For example, shotguns in Unturned have close to no use and can only be used from a very close distance. SMGs, some do a better job at what rifles are supposed to do. what I’m trying to say is that these categories should be balanced and all of them should be better in there own ways, there should be trade offs when switching through different weapons. You never see someone strolling around with a vonya over a scalar because it’s greatly outclassed by the scalar. what would fix that is if slugs were added to the game. shotguns could actually do damage from a medium range and would actually be favored in some types of situations. A trade off could be shotguns have a much slower aim speed and harder to control. Now people would sometimes use shotguns over other weapons instead of never being used. With this type of balancing no category would never completely be neglected. SMGs in the current game are too good in situations where they shouldn’t be good, they should be more inaccurate from longer ranges so they don’t get favored over rifles for long ranges.

•Ammunition types: I would love to see different ammunition types like incendiary rounds and armor piercing rounds. Different ammunition types could be rarer than others and have trade offs. Incendiary rounds can be bad at armor piercing but is favored for softer targets. Armor piercing rounds could be bad at range because they lose speed and speed is needed for armor piercing buuuuut they are much better at taking down a player with heavier armor plates. Regular rounds shoud be for general purpose and ok at all aspects. These shouldn’t have a huge impact on combat so the game still favors more casual players.

• Thought: one thing that annoys me in Unturned is that you can just enter the matrix, jump around like a monkey, and dodge all shots. I would like to see Unturned II require you to think before your action, maybe be more strategic.

I might post more suggestions in the future because right now i have ideas but i can’t put them into words. Thank you for reading my suggestions!


Welcome to the Forums, my friend! Very nice first contributions, keep up the good work.

There was a thread on this already, but it wouldn’t hurt to discuss it again.
Albeit I will mention that the last thread died and didn’t really get anywhere.

To be fair, this makes as much sense as marksman rifles being able to hit a target at 500 meters, seeing as a shotgun is mainly a CQC weapon, dealing hard hits at close range while having very high damage falloff and accuracy penalties at medium to long range. In all honesty, the shotguns should be given minimal damage buffs to the perfect point where they become a viable weapon in normal combat.

Without a doubt, the Calling Card, Scalar and Peacemaker excel where lots of other weapons do not. I can see that submachine guns are normally designed for medium to close range, where their high firerate (however with the penalty of less damage and accuracy) can overpower a player with an automatic rifle, per se.

I personally think giving shotguns accuracy penalties would just make it harder than it already is to use, considering that Maplestrike is essentially the only meta in U3 at this point. But since we’re talking about U4, I have much hope that weapon balancing will be far better.

Absolutely. The point of weapon balancing is to make sure that everything is reliable and considered useable, and all of them should have downsides and upsides at the same time. A very good example is Team Fortress 2, where even the pistol is a notably dangerous weapon in the right hands.

This is already planned for U4 iirc. Nice to see that hunting rifles and civilian pistols will no longer use the same caliber of ammunition. :slight_smile:

If incendiary rounds can set things on fire, nerf the burn time otherwise the “Fire Effects!” shitfest will happen again.

They’re probably not good at long range not because of their velocity, mainly because an armor piercing round isn’t as “aerodynamic” as a normal round is. I put that in quotations because it’s not actually less aerodynamic, but it doesn’t travel long distances as well as a 7.62x39mm Soviet Intermediate, per se.
In real life, after firing a normal round and an armor piercing round at about 100m there’s really no noticeable difference, however at 600m you can really start to see it. The difference isn’t big, but it’s there.

I think this is also very cool for zombies and deadzones, because using more fitting bullet types for certain zombies will guarantee you a better chance of survival.

  • Join a server
  • Buy a maplestrike kit
  • Do the monkey

Thank you for not joining the Forum to beg or complain!

EDIT: I might actually make a megathread about this later, I’ll see.


That’s honestly an interesting take, because other than the Scalar and the Calling Card, the preferred meta leans towards the PDW and Maplestrike, which are assault rifles.

In technicality, it all depends on personal preference and mostly the scenario. Sometimes SMGs can actually outclass the meta if you have the right circumstances and you use it correctly.

Admittedly though, Maplestrike and the PDW are kind of the only “truly useable” weapons due to the fact that both are essentially more powerful versions of any other gun below it.


That, and the moment you get a 100-round drum you can effectively game end anyone by just sheer volume of fire.


Devils Bane?

This is not a competetive game, it’s a “survival” and a graphic novel, there has to be no balance in weapons.

I think that this is too much for such a GAME (it’s not a god damn real life) as Unturned II which is being developed only by 1 person.

You want to be it’s like Escape From Tarkov in which every aspect of a game was made to make it feel more realistic. No one needs a second Dayz or a second EFT this is just wont be interesting to play, because of the low poly graphic style at first, Nelson needs to move into another way.

So it can’t improve on gunplay? Since the game isn’t going for an E-sports setting it can’t have balanced guns lol. We want to see more variety in game play, using different weapons in different scenarios.

We all need to take into account this is being developed by one person. But your suggesting armor piercing rounds is to much for Unturned?

This is why Nelson is making Unturned 2 and leaving 3.0 to be its own game. This game is going in a different direction aimed towards a survival crowd.

The problem I have with posts like this(not cabaga’s post) is its not constructional criticism or a concern for game balance. Its the idea U2 needs to stay simple for simple sake. I said it once before these are all a big requests for 3.0, but not U2. 3.0’s setting is faster paced in looting, survival, and movement. Nelson already has a concern for not making the character’s overly clunky. But we don’t want to see players changing direction mid air while sprinting backwards in U2. We can already see the character’s movement in the beta compared to 3.0 is much more grounded.

No one is gonna see U2 and say “man look at this DayZ rip off, its got similar movement controls”. Survival games should have a more grounded movement setting to compliment its game atmosphere. It seems odd to go from planting seeds and fishing to jumping around and spaying machine guns like fortnite. We will leave that to 3.0.


Devil’s Bane is a monster in close quarters, but is still just about useless at anything beyond spitting distance. It’s the other shotguns, for exame when was the last time you saw someone unironically use a Masterkey?

Yes it does, weapons need to be balanced, you were just complaining about the lack of weapon balance in Unturned yesterday.

What I’m more concerned about is another upoming game called Dead Matter. It’s pretty similar, with a Calgary-based team iirc, and I’m worried that people would say Unturned II is just a copy of Dead Matter.


I actually just commented on Dead Matter on my last Mega-Post I just made. I definitely don’t think people will say anything about U2 being a clone to dead matter. Dead matter to me looks okay but doesn’t have anything else to it. An empty huge map with lame AI. Players will be doing the same thing they do in DayZ, walking from empty town to empty town looting beans and sitting in there base waiting for PVP. There looks to be no farming, fishing, or anything survivalily. U2 in closed beta already has bandit AI lol. I think U2 will offer a way better survival experience than Dead Matter even tho Dead Matter looks more realistic compared to U2.

I have already played DayZ and its clones. Yes U2 will be a survival game like them but like in my post I think there are things that will set U2 apart.

I commented at the bottom because like you just found out about Dead Matter after I already made the post. But this game fits the perfect description of DayZ clone or DayZ 2.0. I think its the problem we see with a lot of survival games just remaking themselves. I think with the points I put into that post U2 will be able to push the genre forward, unlike our friend Dead Matter.

If Dead Matter had excursions, changing of seasons, and bandit AI maybe it would be worth playing but we have already seen that gameplay.


In my opinion, .22 LR Ammunition should be the most common ammo in the game. In a post apocalyptic world, hardly anyone would be wearing body armor and you can lug around a shit ton of .22 ammunition.

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Hey, remember this bullshit?
I could give half the people on /k/ an aneurysm by posting this pic.


Nooo, you can’t just penetrate armor with .22 Long Rifle! It’s supposed to be a pistol bullet!

Haha AM 180 go brrrrrrt

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It looks like someone tried combining the DP-28 and a Thompson

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That’s exactly what it looks like!

After looking through the devlogs and seeing the leaping mechanics in devlog #2 i thought it would be interesting if there was a way to be holding a gun and quickly slide forwards while on your back towards an enemy (length and speed of slide would depend on the players speed before initiating the slide). I could see this working in order to get within range for those who use shotguns and other more close range weapons. I could of course see this being really fun and satisfying. :simple_smile_zombie_:

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Quake 3 crouch sliding would be satisfying as hell, I agree. Not exactly sure it would fit into UII’s combat style but being an avid fan of boomer games I’d love to see that possibly added.

On a side note, though…
Try not to make a post on a topic that hasn’t been active for 14 days or more, unless needed.

Crouch sprinting would also be cool.

Bit of an odd suggestion, be able to place guns on a vehicle for combat? kinda going into death race/mad max territory here. :stuck_out_tongue_zombie_: