My Experience with Nelson Sexton


I totally get what you’re saying, Nelson gets flooded with emails every day, if he doesn’t see an email send it again. There’s a chance that it was buried.

EDIT: Most of my emails get responded to late at night (11pm-2am PST)
Another place to post bugs is the GitHub, Nelson posts a ton on there.


NELSON… Exposed??


Ok, usually i’m a massive lurker and don’t say anything on most posts, but this is one of those times where I can’t standby and say nothing.

Your writing ability is absolutely horrible. Full stop.
You sent a bug to Nelson with a video attached, but no defined steps inside the email on how to reproduce the bug, at all. Horrible bug report just on that alone.

You repeatedly spam Nelson on his twitter, including on a post where he said he just completed a long drive, which is just insensitive.

Your goal is not to help Unturned 3.0 get more bugs fixed, you want the hat to inflate your massive ego and flaunt it to everyone you interact with, or at least that’s my impression.

You also privately messaged multiple people you know could contact Nelson and used them to your own gain as relays. If Nelson doesn’t want to speak with you, using his friends/associates/whatever to get to him is borderline creepy and even possibly invasive to everyone’s time.

All in all, you’re despicable about how you’re approaching “bug reports” and you should try better.

That concludes my rant. -iDrmzIt.


You have a pretty cool voice. I’m like 20% through the video so that’s all I have to say for now.

That concludes my comment. -danaby2.


dmrz telling other people that they have egos


Ain’t that a throwback


I get a completely different vibe from this.

While I agree that the writing in the email is poor I don’t believe that his full intent is to get a beret. Sure, his post on the forum and some of his language towards the beginning of the video would definitely suggest that.

Contacting him through others is somewhat odd, but I understand it. I’ve done it myself when I needed a quick response from him regarding projects, this was before I gained direct contact myself. To me, it seems like he did it because he fell into the mindset of “Oh, he ignored my email because he doesn’t care/finds me annoying.” It’s pretty easy to fall into that mindset when you’re talking to someone influential/important.


I have both good and bad feelings about this thread. I have Molt and Yarrrr on speed dial, my camcorder out, and a party size serving of popcorn in the microwave.


This was saddening to watch. I’m amazed you don’t hate me after all that, and still trying to report the glitches!

For the immediate issue: if you’d like to post the glitches you are trying to report on this topic when you get the chance, I’ll save a link to the topic to check back and reply.

In regards to the feeling that I’m not paying attention / don’t care about fixes that’s definitely understandable given your experiences. For what it’s worth, hopefully the fixes list from the next update speaks for itself:

  • Fixed pasting scale not working properly when in global coordinate system.

  • Fixed applying weights in spawn table editor.

  • Fixed flying while GUI has focus. There is a related issue with right-clicking a button and dragging off, but that will be resolved in a future Unity update.

  • Fixed reloading assets in-game loading the server versions of vehicles.

  • Fixed peeking upward through ceilings while crouched. Now the camera gets pushed downward.

  • Fixed using mannequin pose change to push self upward.

  • Fixed rapidly swapping clothes to lag server. This is now rate-limited.

  • Fixed walking on precision charges.

  • Fixed deleting groups with multiple admins allowing max members to be bypassed.

  • Fixed item pickup to respect line-of-sight test.

  • Fixed potential cause of losing connection after dieing in a vehicle crash discarding inputs.

  • Fixed several potential mismatch issues when building RPC table.

  • Fixed handling of integers over big endian connections.

  • Fixed several potential causes of barricade and structure desync issues, and added related warnings.

  • Fixed rest gesture not resetting upon entering a vehicle turret.

  • Fixed hostile animals fleeing from noise alerts rather than investigating.

  • Fixed exiting vehicle when exit distance was slightly too near a wall.

  • Fixed vehicle exit ground test to consider vehicles, and allow up/down points

  • Fixed clicking suicide button while already dead not re-opening death menu.

  • Fixed zombies falling out of the map to get teleported to a valid spawnpoint.

  • Fixed zombies not being killed by death barriers built into objects.

  • Fixed running GUI code during unused layout event.

Unfortunately each day consists of balancing many different tasks, and I can never complete all of them - for example there are quite a few requests in the github issues backlog. When doing this I primarily prioritize actual progress on the next update, but try to always make time each day to reply to some emails, DMs, github issues, etc, and keep my email inbox empty - so chances are your original email was deleted. Today some of those tasks have been preparing SDG’s 2018-2019 taxes. Unexpected issues arise as well, e.g. despite focusing on 3.0 I ended up debugging back and forth with Epic earlier this week tracking down an Unreal bug that 4.0 was running into.

One good option nowadays if something falls through the cracks might be to email Molt, though hopefully that doesn’t lead to him getting spammed.

To clarify I think there may have been a miscommunication about the Debugger’s Beret point. I value all bug reports, but some are more critical than others. If someone put a lot of work into tracking down a complex bug then I try to show my extra appreciation with the rarer Debugger’s Beret.


good guy Nelson


Maybe it’s how I am, but my mindset for sending a message to someone I’m either trying to reach out to professionally is usually at least somewhat worded well. Am I going too far by thinking that should be the standard for things like this?

imo being casual is fine as long as both parties agree to it. I definitely agree that if you’re trying to be professional you’d want to be well worded.


Fair enough, good reasoning there


Linking this directly because relevant: Also, @MoltonMontro on Twitter. Sorry if that feels a bit samey as they’re virtually the same way you’d primarily contact Nelson, except they’re being sent through me instead.

Generally speaking it’s understandable that people would redirect you to email/Twitter (especially if they’re unaware of the the full situation). As far as the Discord goes, I can’t think of any reason the message you showed in the video would be deleted, and Sven (the person you refer to as “Rocket”) left the Discord a while ago if that was the insinuation.

EDIT: Nelson didn’t mention it directly, but the GitHub repository is also used for tracking issues. You should be able to report issues through that, unless you’re worried about them being exploited due to being in a public location (presumably with a video or steps to recreate the exploit/bug).


Tested it and it still works


Alright everyone, it’s time to talk about this whole bug situation with Cucuycharles and his experiences with Nelson.

Spoon Clanking Noises

So apparently Cucuy has a problem because of the emails he sent to Nelson on bug reports. Big thing to note about this. This can happen a lot when an Indie Developer working on his own gets lots of success. Sometimes bugs can go unreported for weeks because of the flood of emails one can get. Ranging from simple complements to reporting game breaking bugs and all in between.

More Spoon Clanking

This isn’t a typical indie studio where they have a group of people working on a game and with a small community of 400-500 regular players. I believe Smartly Dressed Games is a small company of two or three people who’s game got downloaded 30 Million times on steam with 10,000 to 20,000 regular players on a daily basis. On top of that, the overwhelming majority of programming was done by one person, who also most likely gets tens or hundreds of emails per day. No shit, he’s not going to see it in the ocean of emails he gets every day.

That’s about all. Peace out…


Is that cucuycharles without his hoodie ?

This is a big point to take in consideration, expecting quick answers when being yourself one player out of thousands isn’t feasible.

Which can only make me think about the edgy-hacker cliché, the hidden face under a hoodie and binary code combo.

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No, that’s a political commentator called Styxhexenhammer. There’s a meme among his fans that involves spoon clanking. Styx even calls his fans clankers as a bit of a joke. @Oyamat

I decided to make a post in a Styx’s style of video format, as a bit of a half shitpost half serious opinion post.

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