My take on sportshot in II style

Loaded up and ready to go!

I’ve been aching to try my hand on II style ever since sniper rifle made its way into the Beta and here’s the result. Definitely a gun that would be welcome on the shooting range :slight_smile:


What about .22 banana mags and drum mags?


Make it beltfed and we have a deal, $1 Million on the spot in cash no questions asked for your entire stock.


Be great if you could adapt this to the Ruger Charger 22 pistol version.



I like how this model looks. Very clean looking from the images.

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Is the sportshot inspired by any real-world weapon? If so, which one?

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The Sportshot is based on a Ruger 10/22 Carbine with a black synthetic stock.

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its a ruger 22 rifle Semi automatic

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I’m not sure if it was ever confirmed that Sportshot was based on 10/22, for this model I mostly based it on that rifle although with some edits minor edits (most notable one being mag sticking, somewhat taken from 3.0 Sportshot and sized down to represent its caliber and firepower more accurately).

I will be making some variations on this model and some attachments, I will be sure to update this thread.

Thanks to everyone who responded, I didn’t know this weapon.


Little bit of a nitpick on closer inspection, I’ve noticed a couple things slightly off, the most major one being the lack of a magazine release. Given the fact that those magazines extend out slightly, that might not be too much of a problem, however, the 10-round magazines that sit flush into the magazine well might be a problem.

This is Unturned II, not a completely accurate recreation of the 10/22. There will be no flush 10 round mags and the guns in UII do not feature magazine releases.

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Yes to all others, but I dunno about that one, chief.

I know because I was communicating with Renaxon through making it. We decided together to make the 10 round magazine not flush for many reasons. In that picture, that is the 10 round magazine.


53,728 tris

Even though I know you are just kidding it’s a bit under 1200 tris, including iron sights, a bit of view on the insides and the moving parts. I don’t know how many II Eaglefire has but I imagine it’s in a similar range especially with the rails and whatnot.


I love guns


Ah, I see.

Standard version once again, now with metallics which I forgot to add before.

And now fully kitted out version…

Fitted with tacticool stock…

Receiver fitted with a rail and a grooved charging handle…

Competition trigger, 25 round magazine and vertical grip.

(and no sight for now)

no better date to post it than 10/22 :ok_hand:


Eaglefire is around 1,547 tris ignoring the holographic sight which is usually on it. The sight is 320 tris on its own. May be different on Nelson’s side of things so don’t blame me if it is inaccurate.