My Unturned Inventory Concept Images

So this basically works on the concept of “your hands don’t have 999999 fingers, so you shouldn’t be able to carry a generator along with a few pistols in your hands and still walk around completely careless” (3.0)

Your hands have three slots, which are primary, secondary and alternate. ANY items can be put in these three slots. On the other hand, upon finding clothes you will now have pocket space, allowing you to store some more goodies. In this image the player (apologies for 3.0 model, am bad at photoshop) is wearing a pilot jacket, known to have a lot of pockets.

As well as that, notice the weight symbols above each clothing item. This does not mean that there WILL be a weight system, just based on the Unturned 4 Trello, Nelson is thinking about bringing it back.

To the left (and right) of each clothing item, you have some options. The first option, the arrow is for dropping, once pressed, you will drop the item, with its contents still inside (for example if you drop the alice pack, the maplestrike and ammo will stay inside). The nest symbol is the Backpack, indicating to transfer the items into other storage slots and accommodate the clothing item in the player’s inventory. This will allow for scrapping of the item (will talk about that later)

Keeping on the left and right of the storage containers, we have a line dividing the options from the traits that the item gives you. For example, the pilot jacket warms you up and gives you a fair bit of protection, as there is woolen stuffing inside, but it is nowhere near bulletproof. (NOTE: I am not responsible for any damage caused by bullets)

Looking at the top right now, you can see the options for single items. In this scenario, the player has clicked the maplestrike. He is presented with these options: Drop, Scrap, Equip and Strip (Like 3.0) along with some helpful info about the item.

Just below that is the player clothing slots, they hold all the necessary slots for clothes. (I know, they don’t have shoe and belt slots. If you are wondering where the vest goes, it is in the neck slot.)

Below that is the indicators showing food, water, radiation and heat.
And finally, below that is a quick indicator of how many bullets you have in your primary (equipped weapon)

I have also added a HUD Concept, take a look at it.


maplestrike only takes up 2 slots
military drum also takes up 2 slots
maplestrike is now same size as a military drum


They should take the same space up roughly, yes. (Well the drum is techically smaller, but making it one slot would roughly make it the same as a magazine. Slots are a weird thing…)

but…why? why would an assault be the same size as a drum magazine for said rifle? unless you have one of those guns where it’s basically just the receiver with a pistol grip and a bit of a barrel that doesn’t even make sense. also that seems bad for balancing. we can already fit like 5 guns in an alicepack. with this it’d go to like…well, going off of the picture, 9 maplestrikes. and ammo.

edit: oh yeah i forgot this

Fair point… should I maybe make the maplestrike bigger?

i mean it’s a concept so i think i overreacted but sure

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Now I have updated the images, and also added my concept of the 4.0 UI, sorry for 3.0 Screenshot!

that HUD is…wow. it takes up WAY too much space.


The HUD takes up too much space , I’ve always liked stuff like this

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Maybe it fades when you start walking for more than 2 seconds? Idk, I think it should fade or fly off screen when not in use. Another thing should be GUI Scale, which the user can set.

call me weird but it looks fine to me. i tried resizing it but it is waaaay smaller. Look at this:

Also, it is underwater to showcase the location of the oxygen bar, which is more visible in the centre of the screen.


Too fancy and unreadable imo, I should be able to quickly look and go “oh my health is really low”

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I actually quite like that interface, If you removed fists from the bottom right it would be perfect.

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All storege should have more slots,that open space for a bigger variation of sizes

I think this is a great idea. Maybe there could be an option on the work with player created layouts for the inventory, so people could just subscribe and switch to which ever one they like.

Nice necro

No U.

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Oh… my artwork on steam.

Realy i believe that not everything should be in hud all the time.
For example

dont place

  • radiation in the hud when stay above of 99%.
  • dont place Oxigen when full.
  • energy when full.
  • Temperature when normal.
  • show status Just the weapon on hand.
  • Dont place Hp when 100%
  • Dont place a status of armor when nude

And about the roll bar in right of Alicepack i prefer a expansive sloot + a rool bar when you click you open a backpack or the pants or anithing possible (Because in 3.0 is impossible organize the inventory fast because you need rool the bar every time to organize the inventory…)

Not a fan of circles. Takes up a fair amount of room. I think a hud with lines but the same concept (all being at the bottom of your screen) would be better.

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