Mythical crafting suggestions

Okay, here’s the idea.

Instead of getting a random weapon that’s a mythical, what if you could apply it to a weapon of your choosing?

So basically a modified for cosmetics, rather than a whole new cosmetic.

It would be nicer overall, and then it would be worth the price it is.


(if you don’t understand, imagine the zero Kelvin weapon kit but for mythicals… Actually, mythical weapons should totally have an effect on them that makes people you kill mythicalized. )


I would love this but a lot of people would be loosing out bigtime if this were added!

imagine how expensive those limited time burning urban zubeknakovs work be worth

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I considered making it a tool, but I think that would quickly crash the mythic item values. My hypothesis was that the kill counter and zero kelvin kits would average $1 on the market, but currently they’re around 20 cents. It reminds me of that 2014 steam dev days talk where they mentioned the value of equalized random distribution versus different sales prices or something along those lines.


Even a couple weeks after they were introduced they were up around 60 cents per, which honestly, a 50 cent pricepoint was much more realistic. given people only needed to scrap 30 items.

They were items any person with over 200 hours probably had in spades, heaven knows i had enough to make 3-4 out of the gate, given at that time i had over 3000 hours, but these new mythicals being totally random rolls of all existing skins (right? it uses the daily drop pool, any crate, and any stockpile weapon skin as a base, or am i mistaken?) would seem to have the inherent issue of all of them most likely being basic camos due to the largeness of the Common-Uncommon pool

Edit; pressed enter early so i finished my statement. god i hate fatfingering keys.

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Anyone got the link for this talk? I wish to watch it.

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Perhaps they wouldn’t be able to be applied to high tier items? As well as being low grade mythicals, that might make them still valuable while still making it not as annoying when you get a low grade skin with a mythical.

Or perhaps a few items should be excluded from the mythical randomization.

Say perhaps you get a yellow weapon skin, perhaps the mythical effect would make the weapon act like the gold member weapons.

I’m not sure. But thanks for the info xd

Oh yeah, by the way, I’m pretty sure it got to such a low price by people making theirs cheaper than the others to get it to sell faster. It happens a lot.

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