New vehicles systems

in 4.0 the vehicles should have:

  • “Suspencion” (i dont remenber the word in english. sorry)
  • Gun holding (only secondary or items) while driving., aleast in the others seats
  • Openable doors (doors than opens when you get in the vehicle)
  • openable Trunk storage
  • Gas tanks (so you can shoot the tanks and make it explode or just lost fuel)
  • Better horns
  • openable doors that can be open and closed in a seat pressing E or other button (in helicopters like hummingbird
    -an GPS or a map (in offroaders or luxury cars)
  • an radio like the actual radio

I’m not sure what you mean by “atleast in the others seats” because that’s already possible.

And some elaboration here would be nice. :smiley:


Most if these are on the Trello already.

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well, I think it’s because most of the horns sounds pretty similiar or dull. maybe make the horn keep going as long as you are clickinbg :thinking:
helps for road raged players

Can’t we just randomly choose twenty vehicles to have the bike bell sounds as a horn instead? :frowning:

I’d support this though.


i forgotten the gun holding in the others seat xd

we need better building system in vehicles

What I would support is standing on moving vehicles.
Actually being able to open doors.
Being able to open the trunk without being in the vehicle would be nice.


how about hold e to open the doors, tap e to honk.

wait crap forgot left click it to honk xd Im terrible at unturned, Ive been playing gta v too much xd, maybe tap e to open your current door, hold e to maybe opent he trunk/ erm engine door? xd forgot what its called xdxdxdxdxd

maibe the numbers in driver seats.
1 to open thw trunk or cargo doors (in plane)
2 to open all doors (the big door in a plane like coaster and orca)
3 to open the “engine door” (xd)
4 to open windows in cars (like legareno or ghost)
maybe turn lights with e and q (if the cars have sirens and lighra why no turn lights

i am typing in a phonw sorry

to open an specific door or thing just press e and take seat press f
and the doors should can be locked like in police cars or to locknthe cars
so to lock a door you hold E and hold E in the driver door to lock all

sorry for my english

opening a trunk and being able to stuff a player in it. For all your bootleg rp experiences :slight_smile:

only if the player want to be in there.

you would have to handcuff them first.

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