Food and Kitchen

Actually in the game, to survive you need food from dinners, and Fast food places (and MRES and others food) But you can only make sandwiches and pies (and cakes and others foods)

so the point is we need more crafteable food.

like you use the counters like a cooking surface (to craft the food with cooked food or others) the oven to cook food. also i like the idea to search cooking tools (frying pan, a knife, and bottles)

for this we need more things and food:

  • Bananas, apples, Oranges (so we can make Apple juice and orange juice)

  • Coffee Beans

  • more meat

  • more vegetables

  • Chocolate Chips, Flour, sugar, salt.

with only those things, you can make a lot of foods

Also some foods and drinks (like coffee,beer, Pies and others) will have special effects like Hot food will help when its cold and others

Check this: Season Suggestions

Edit: for better food we will need o wait some time (unturned minutes, not real time because that ruins the entire cooking system)

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-chocolate bar= chocolate chips 2x
-clothes 3x=empty juice pack
-apple or any other fruit 2x + empty juice pack= pack of apple juice
-coffee beans+ heat= roasted coffee beans

  • roasted coffee beans+ bottled water+heat = hot coffee
  • lettuce +tomato+ cucumber= mixed salad
    -pan+ kitchen knife+ ham+ paprika = goulash
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Both of these confuse me dearly.


@MoltonMontro first thing id breaking a bar of chocolate into small pieces -> chocolate chips 2x (2x because they are small)
Second thing: since we don’t have paper or something like that i took clothes instead. I mean we are making books out of it

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Yes, but wouldn’t it be the other way around?

Like, what would be more reasonable, someone making juice boxes out of cloth, or turning spare empty juice boxes into some potentially useful cloth scraps?

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for the coffe should be

[top of Oven] coffee beans = Roasted Coffe beans

[top of Oven] Cup + Roasted coffee beans + water (in bottle, canteen, cup or can) = Hot coffee (cooktime 1 unturned minute)

also cholocalte bar should give you 3 of chocolate chips because a “cholocolate chip” item has 10 chips.


its better to drink things and keep the bottles, cans, or boxes like this:

Bottled cola = (drinks) Empty Bottled cola

so you can fill it with more or with water, or another liquid.

with boxes you can craft them with this

x2 Medium quality Paperboard (you can find it in food boxes) + Scissor + crafting level 2 = Small cardboard box =usable for juices an another foods in boxes


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