New weapons and Helicopters and Planes and Female bodies

Unturned should have helicopters like the V22 Osprey and maybe a helicopter with machine guns on the sides and a grenade launcher attached as additional defence thats piloted by different player and also add weapons like the MP7, MP5SD and the Groza. Apart from that we need Female bodies and/or more female faces and clothing also add underwear for both males and females.

-Recommended by Phlog

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We have the Hind. No other additional Gunships are needed at this time. Especially ones with Grenade Launchers (Do those even exist on airships???) Plus all the Osprey would do is appeal to a shitty gimmick and that being the double rotor tilt system. Doesn’t add anything new in terms of balance other than the fact that it’s 99% more likely to crash during special operations use xd /s

Mhm okay.

But… Why? Doesn’t the Unisex body work fine as is, with just hair changed to indicate Gender? Plus not sure why Underwear are needed apart from spawning in, and even then there’s not a lot of nudity or NSFW content. Most players would spawn in with cosmetics equipped.


Already have more than 53 guns in the game! please we need to exclude weapons do not add

Well we are talking about 4.X some weapons would be not added to it as the focus here is survival and not PvP

I’m pretty sure that we will get female bodies ( Human Character Revision Feedback ). But underwear? Nah, not my most favourite idea

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