New zombie types



sens I saw that you guys kinda liked one of my zombie sketch. I started working on some more unturned style “zombies” I hope most of these will be considered to be added in the game.

I hope you guys will like it.


Really neat!


thank you very much


nice ilustrations keep up


17:54 ReallyAR has joined the game.
17:56 ReallyAR has died trying to steal a Puppetmaster torch after meeting a Screamer that attracted other zombies while hitting a Bone Soldier after being chased by a Night Hunter while hugging a Hugger in a Police Station.
17:58 ReallyAR has left the game.


they look great, lots of good ideas here


huh this isn’t so bad wai what are things flying around it

Not today old friend
Not today…


the LAMPS strike again


those are MOTHs


lamps, moths, some thing


Im going to use a lamp to commit self kos


sounds like a great idea, i might try it later


I think I prefer Yarrr’s post ideas.



mother growth that spawns other zombie mutants concept art


what are these amalgamations?
were they from the True Laboratory?


I really like this idea, although I must comment that Nelson somewhere mentioned that he envisions Turned differently from the zombies in 3.0 and 2.0. AFAIK they will be black and more “monster” like.


The hugger is horrifying and awesome, i love it. Give the Screamer a gaping bloody jaw btw.


This zombie sketch idea is based on a child’s skull when their milk teeth are coming out here have a look pretty cool ha


Reminds me of the monsters from The Forest