Next devlog Nelson?

I know he has been burned out but do you think the next devlog will be soon.

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It’s been 6 days since he’s even touched Unturned II again, 'fam, and during those 6 days he’s also worked on Unturned 3 a bit. :v


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Waiting for new devlog… hopefully he’ll upload new one on June 2 cuz its already hit 1 month since his last one

I’m not sure why some people feel entitled to a devlog coming out in a regular increment of time, but I’d be far more concerned about what is in it.

I’d vastly prefer devlogs being far less frequent if it means Nelson can pace himself based on content, and not people constantly nagging about literally the slightest break of explicitly apparent action.

Just my 2 cents.


It’s always cool to see what he’s been working been working on

Because you asked that question, the next devlog has been delayed by a week


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I mean if he started this issue on Github then the next devlog might be about modding tools.

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