Begging for new Devlogs

We don’t need so many threads like


  • We could consider such posts spam and simply delete them.
  • We could create a subcategory for them that the majority of us would mute.
  • We could merge such posts into a single thread, since none of them is any more of a contribution than the last.
  • We could leave them as is because that’s less work for the moderators and more “freedom” for the members.

If you can think of a better solution feel free to reply with it, or if we’ve come up with all the reasonable solutions, feel free to list them all in a poll.


Pull a reddit and don’t let people post if their accounts aren’t 7 days old?


people who want the new devlog to come right now be like this.

I’ve always found that to be the post annoying thing about the subreddit.

For now, my suggestion is to—

—and then you could PM the user about the issue, if you feel that they’d actually ever check their account again. If it’s a brand new account, then maybe not. If it’s a somewhat-active user on an established account, they’ll probably respond.

Alternatively, we can just try to be helpful in other ways. Yeah, a “stop begging please” is probably warranted, but here’s some other things that can be tacked on in addition to telling them to not beg for a devlog.

  • Clarifications regarding how, if there’s nothing to show, then there’s not going to be a devlog.

  • Information on things that will (most likely, or confirmed) be in the next devlog, even though it’s not ready yet.

  • A clarification on the fact that, if it’s “the day devlogs are usually released” and one hasn’t been released, and there’s not a new blog post or pinned announcement regarding the lack of a post, then it’s very likely nobody here knows anything more than you do about when it’ll drop.

  • A reminder that there’s better things that could be discussed in the meanwhile, that would be more productive for the community and more helpful to Nelson.

  • Clarify on how there is no strict release schedule for any content.

    • U3 updates typically release on Friday, but can release on any day.
    • Nelson likes to get a monthly devlog post out, but that’s never guaranteed to happen.
  • Tell them to just subscribe to the “Smartly Dressed Games” YouTube channel, which I believe should be getting all the devlogs made public now.

Or just ignore the post. But, by doing more than just telling new accounts to “stop begging”, we can hopefully bring in new, active, community members that can learn more productive posting habits.

However, if the original post is really just spammy, with lots of caps and incoherent copy-pasted text, that’s really just a messy rant post (“throwing a fit”), then it’s probably spam and reporting it wouldn’t be a big issue.

I don’t want to fault new users for things like this, even if it’s really silly that they thought that’d be a good post. Give those people the benefit of the doubt. If the OP looks like they probably don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt, and they might have just made the account to spam their complaints, then you could report it.


By “leaving them as is” I meant continuing to treat them how they’re being treated, not completely ignore them and stop with all the replies that are already being given (whether those replies be helpful, insulting, passive aggressive, shitposting, or some mix of those elements)