Nice Share!


I know have the Nice Share badge 14 times. Meaning I now have 32% of all the Nice Share badges to exist. For reference, there are only 43 in existence. Pretty much all of these links are from my now dead Thread tracking every one of @MoltonMontro’s posts.

What might be happening.

(going to copy and paste what I say here from the replies, not going to rewrite the whole thing.)
My guess is it’s a bug, due to the fact that all of these badges come from a post that consists entirely out of links. So easily a link is clicked on that thread, I get the badge. No link on that thread has 25 clicks alone, but together, easily. basically, the algorithm that gives the badge doesn’t check for one link with 25 clicks, it just checks for 25 clicks. Though everytime a link that hasn’t been clicked before gets clicked, it gives me another version of the badge.
Actually, I have no idea. I just did it, didn’t receive the badge. And the links don’t have even close to 81 clicks unless the forums doesn’t want to tell me the true amount of clicks.
My final guess is that the algorithm wasn’t built for the type of post I made.
TL:DR I think it’s a bug, but I really have no idea.




11/15 Eailry Morning

11/15 late Evening

11/16 2:40 pm pst

11/18 2pm pst
now at 88


Now at 121





What where you saying?


Yeah but do you have them 14 times? I thought not.


These two Gold badges can only be earned once.
Anyways, you may have 32% of all the Nice Share badges, but I still have 100% of the Higher Love and Crazy in Love badges.
Not to brag or anything though…


Stop braging about spamming


Stop mispeling.


Sorry, I thought this was an innocent celebration, not a dick-measuring contest


where --> were*


Recategorized this post to #dumpsterfire because that’s all this thread is. /s


Literally E.V.E.R.Y. badge is a dick-measure for Comm


I agree with tofu man


DiD yoU jUsT assUme mY GEnDeR?
i seXuallY IDenTifY aS a STrOnG AnD inDepenDent hInD atTaCK heliCoPter


wow haha good one

funnily enough I had a chat about this with one of my girl -> guy friends just today

“Like i’m not offended by the “attack helicopter” thing, it’s just that its been beaten so hard to the ground that it is so fucking unfunny.”


Shot you’re up, i dont speaked english goodly!


You farmed for likes. That’s not impressive at all.


my lord


50% of the likes i got in this forum are from you goddamnit


tbf it’s actually only 13.71% that’s from RedComm, but yeah


oh come on…


Are you complaining? I can make it 50% if you like.