There’s literally only one other post on this topic, and since I’m long overdue for a good suggestion I felt that it would probably be a good idea to address night vision. Also, I stole this format from @GreatHeroJ so apologies in advance. Also also, text wall ahead, so prepare for some reading. Enjoy the post.


1) Turning Nightvision On and Off

Toggling Nightvision

Given that the majority of nightvision comes in the form of goggles I felt the need to address this first, despite the fact that this is a pretty small detail in the grand scheme of things. I, for one, really dislike the current system in 3.0 where the player can have NVGs permanently equipped and can simply turn them on and off. I feel that this is both stupid and clunky as there is no feasible way one can have two tubes in front of their eyes all day and not have eye strain.

My suggestion for this is that instead of having the player keeping the goggles actually in front of their eyes all day, toggling nightvision actually plays a short animation in which the player actually brings the nightvision device up or down on the head mount. Alternatively, certain devices should not be toggleable at all and should require the player to equip and unequip them.

2) Image Intensification

Imagine Intensification Devices

The first of two types of nightvision, image intensification relies on ambient light such as moonlight, and as such, they cannot function in complete darkness without complementary active infrared illumination, which I imagine would come in the form of an installable modification.

These devices emit infrared radiation that is invisible to the naked eye, but are detectable by imagine intensifiers, comparable to an invisible flashlight. Note that these beams are also detecable by other players if they are also wearing image intensifiers. Intense light sources such as flashlights and headlamps will also be amplified by those wearing night vision, meaning a player could easily temporarily blind another by shining a flashlight into their field of view.

An image of a city taken using image intensification. Note the bright lights.

Of possible note is a Bioshock-esque drug or mutagen could allow players to temporarily see at night.

3) Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging Devices

In contrast to image intensification, thermal imaging devices detect a temperature differential and use the information to create an image, called a thermogram.

An example of a thermogram.

The problem with thermal imaging is, of course, the fact that these devices ignore walls, and are thus very difficult to balance, even if such devices were to be extremely rare. As of the moment I cannot think of any good ways to balance them. Any suggestions are welcome.

4) Nightvision Devices

Nightvision Devices

In terms of the actual types, I’d like to see three main types:

  • Monoculars: These are held in the hand and require the player to hold down [RMB] (or equivalent keybind), and would spawn much more frequently than other devices.
  • Scopes: These attachments could be mounted onto any weapon with a rail, and also have a reticle.
  • Goggles: These are the most standard form of nightvision device, and are worn in a harness or mounted onto a helmet. In contrast to the other two, these are toggleable and much more convenient.

That’s just about all I can come up with at the moment. Please leave any thoughts concerns, and suggestions below. 2019-04-21T04:00:00Z

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All of this is solid! I dont know much about NVG but would lasers also blind the user? Would be neat to see. The flashlgiht blinding would also make flashlights viable in combat, because in most games they arent because of how much of your position you are giving away.

CDDA intensifes bionics next??

Could just not make it see through walls as UII isnt tethered to reality, but if you really wanted an xray effect for realism could just give it a very small FOV, or due a tarkov esque thing where the “frames per second” of the goggle/scope is low as the imagine refreshes itself or what have you. I made a post on thermals 1 (one) year ago and my way to balance it was flairs basically being flashbangs to someone wearing them, turned being hard to see, and a IR reflective foil cloak being available as a direct counter, making yourself completely invisible. Also now this is giving me ideas for xray scopes lol.



I agree with everything you said, although I think you haven’t said everything that should’ve been said. Here are my two cents:

  • Image quality
    I think that unlike in 3.0, NVGs should actually affect
    image quality. How actually well lit the image is, how
    grainy it is and how much dark-light contrast there is should depend on the generation of the NV device.
  • Field of View
    NVGs should severely impact your field of view. How much is it smaller should depend on whether the goggles are single-tubed or two-tubed.
    Say, PVS-7 single tube goggles should have a lower FOV than, say, BNVD-40 two tube goggles. (PVS-7)
  • NV Generations
    NV devices should be split into at least 2
    generations. Generation determines the
    characteristics described above. Higher generation
    NVGs should have a less grainy, better lit image, and they should cope with high contrast, say streetlights vs darkness better than lower generation devices.

Im with you with this one

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