North Murica map idea

after Pineridge should nelson work on a large map called north america which consists of Canada, Alaska, and America

If this was a map it should be on the dedicated server list and have over a 24 player slot.


Please elaborate.
How big do you think the map size should be?
What kind of locations would it have?

Personally, I think it would work as an insane sized map or larger.

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Well idk how big but i have some ideas for locations. Locations: Chicago, Seattle, Washington, Toronto, Winnipeg.

Sadly idk any Canadian Cities.

Connecticut please!

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So you want a whole continent as a map ?

No, as an area in the big map

I’ll rather not have him take on a project this big so early on in development.

No duh. But, it coul be a long term project once we have like 3 maps.

What’s the point of such maps ? It’s literally too big, just pick a state or a province.

Well then Connecticut. CT is ma city.

CT is ma city

But Connecticut is a state :thinking:

@iDrmzIt did this a while back, or at least attempted to. Never went to workshop but my work as a Modject admin meant I got to alpha test it. Was a pretty decent map but he disbanded the specialized group working on it and eventually abandoned the whole project for unknown reasons. It had its slew of major issues (Eg: Vertical roads, a plethora of ground issues, Etc.) but nothing that couldn’t be fixed.

The map itself contained a fair bit of Canada, all of the mainland US, Cuba, Mexico, and Puerto Rico(?).


The last time someone attempted a map for the entire continent of North America, it went pretty bad. (Sorry Drmz)

I don’t see any reason why we need a map that covers such a broad area this time around, you’re just asking for either a sparsely detailed map or one where all the details are crammed too tightly in.

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Based on the England is my city meme

Clicks "Play"

PC explodes.

The point of the map is for nElSon’s dedicated servers with over 24 players

I’ll like to see a Antarctic map.

Endure the climate, explore the stations, explore fallen refuges, and even go to the few warm areas on the landmass (bunger hills I think it’s called, a few other areas too exist).

So many ruins to explore, and there, if your deep into history, explore shipwrecks, legitimate abandoned Nazi outposts (yes, it’s a thing), and he can make up another “tribe” like on Russia. Those locations whould be Intresting to explore.

Give it a nice bare and empty feeling, and were set.

Think of useing the ww2 era guns and scrop-7 weaponry on the icefield, or in a infected ancient underground temple.


you just named some lol

Toronto, Winnipeg, Quebec City, Charlottetown, Calgary, Whitehorse, etc.

names Charlottetown, Whitehorse, and other small-ass towns

forgets Vancouver

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