Object melee weapons

So here’s the main idea, you can pick up a chair, and use it to smack a zombie a couple of times, but it uses a lot of stamina, and will break after a few hits. Or you can basically you the environment around you to kill zombies, like grabbing a zombie and shoving it onto a wall/ smacking it into a wall. Maybe that would happen if you were nearby a wall and you where punching a zombie. I really don’t know.
Environmental kills?



(Think of the possibilities, like players throwing test tubes at each other in a violent fight causeing random effects, useing a monitor as a bashing weapon like in half life, or throwing the mugs on the table to lure the zombies away from them)


Man I nearly laughed out loud when you said that, but I can’t do that xdxd

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I imagined smoke effects and rainbow explosions, them throwing them everywhere xdxd

Imagine 2 kids throwing test tubes at each other and smoke and blue explosions, red explosion, ect are happening everywhere. Now imagine them screaming while they do that xd

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If Nelson goes through with one of his easier ideas to just be able to take anything that isn’t bolted to the ground, I’d say this would make sense. Otherwise, I’m not too sure how he’d handle this.

If he doesn’t, then I just want my killer mailboxes again. :c

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One way he could handle it:

When the environmental stuffs are “on the ground” they aren’t technically items, but when the player presses f on it, it spawns that item in their inventory, and the option to pick it up is removed. I think to balance this would be that you can’t put these things in your inventory.

Meh,not that much appeal to me.This is not Dying Light.

You seriously think that a mutated monstrosity would just let you get near it and let you smash it’s head against the wall? I can only think of this as a stealth attack.

All in all decent idea,but too arcadey for my liking.

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FFS why does everyone think that unturned is just going to be"survive against horribly mutated creatures" and not zombies. I seriously doubt that Nelson is going to make the infected in this game, not zombies. Some of them may be mutated, but still. They are still are probably going to be pretty much zombies. Hopefully. If unturned strays from zombies, it will loose A lot of its fanbase xd, just because people like zombies so much, yet if unturned changes, it would lose a lot of the original fanbase as I said before. I seriously doubt, just because their called turned now, that they won’t be zombies.

As I said, they may be mutated, but unturned has never strayed from zombies. And I’m only suggesting it for when your punching zombies near a wall. So yeah.

Once again

I doubt it.

Yes I know, I’m repeating the same thing but FFS guys, why does everyone think now we are just gonna be fighting mutated creatures. Maybe the disease originated from mutated creatures, but well… Unturned isn’t like that, we aren’t turning unturned into the forest. So please, stop guys. I’m really sick of it.

Remind my The Last Of Us …

hmmm why would anyone ever think that they are “organic mutations” hmmm

Mutants, zombies either way they are going to be humanoid creatures that attack you. No need to nitpick as no one is going to care if whether the monsters are zombies or mutated growths

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That refers to organic growths on buildings which spawn dudes/ceiling dudes.

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True but it wouldnt be a virus then if the zombies/whatever are being spawned from growths, so more of a uhhhhhh mutated lifeform

How does the logic that organic growths that spawn MONSTERS spawn zombies -_- and I’m pretty DANG sure that that stuff is going to be in an alternate dimension where it’s impossible to survive for very long.

I said zombies/whatever. I meant mutants, but all of this is speculation so none of it matters

The trello itself says monsters. Not zombies, monsters

I really don’t know. I did just create a topic sorta contradicting myself but whatevs

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