Official U2 Modded server

Would be cool to see some official u2 server with plugins and other things like custom mods/plugins only for u2 servers.

I disagree, partly because I don’t see how the mods/plugins chosen could be fairly done. I also just don’t personally think it’s worth the money to host several official servers like that.

Also U2 is the game tag for Unturned (classic) [2.2.5] and it hurts me that you use it in reference to Unturned II. :[


Nelson already stated (I believe) that all of the official servers will be pure vanilla

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i’ve seen people call 4.0 2. and how would mods / plugins make it unfair? that makes 0 sense in my opinion.

Yeah, its just an idea I had, I know they will most likely be purely vanilla.

He meant that the choice of which plugin to use. Plugins/Mods are often community made, and one person might get upset that Nelson chose one person’s plugin/mod over theirs.

People are wrong, as MoltonMontro said Unturned II is the official name of the game currently under development.

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How would mods be chosen then?
Best ratings? Not many people bother to rate mods.

Maybe trusted workshop creators like who create the maps and custom items + some custom plugins if rocket is ever introduced.
This is purely an idea I got.

As far as I’m concerned, rocket’s probably not going to be a thing, or atleast not as big as it is now. Most features will be easier to implement through mods.

Also “trusted” creators? What if someone has a really really good mod, but it’s their 3rd mod, so they’re not allowed on the server? I’d rather just have vanilla for official servers.

I think that pure vanilla would be best for official servers. Even so, I think he’s mentioned in the past having something similar to some of the Rocket functions in vanilla, but I could be wrong.

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Yeah, some good creators haven’t made alot of mod.
Maybe the featured creators that submit mods here idk.
Anyway thanks for the reply’s boys :slight_smile:

I dont agree , nelson said that all servers will be vanilla and I think that he said that he dosent want plugins or mods because he wants 4.x to be more based around survival and not about instant loot or teleporting

I don’t think he said he doesn’t want plugins and mods. They are all optional for servers, and some actually are really beneficial to have. Nelson wants it so that the base vanilla game is more focused around survival, so that PvP is not a main focus (and in turn, plugins do not focus around PvP)

He said that all of his servers that he is going to make are going to be pure vanilla and they will be only accessible with a premium account

but he won’t prohibit anyone from just making their own server

That is true when you said that you wanted plugins I thought that you wanted them on nelsons official servers

Yes, his servers will be, but the way you worded your statement made it sound like Nelson didn’t want mods/plugins in Unturned II at all.

Sorry about that

I dont speak English all that well

Why would official Unturned servers host the game with mods that alter the game from its original state? Dedecated servers are there to give you the original and “raw” experience of what the game has to offer

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