Official Unturned Discord server appeal

I (radwiniscool#3376) was falsely banned for “TOS violation” and I’m appealing for that ban. A user (Bogo Pete#9954) submitted a report saying that I “was raiding servers for cash” when in reality, was starting a group that went onto P2W Unturned server and raided them, Bogo Pete has screenshot evidence of the DMs so I will state what I said in exact quotes to prevent further damage to my reputable status,

I never mentioned, nor had the intent to raid Discord servers, apparently that wasn’t clear enough due to me getting banned for Discord TOS violation. Plus, since the group literally started 3 days ago, we hadn’t had the chance to do anything yet. There’s a quite popular YouTuber circling around raiding P2W servers, his name is zman1064, I made the group after seeing his entertaining content and wanted to raid servers like him. If zman1064 isn’t getting banned from the Unturned Official Discord Server then I have no right to be, hell, he has done more damage than me and I’m getting the shitstorm for it.

In summary, I do not deserve to be banned from the Unturned Official Discord Server due to Discord TOS violation because I hadn’t mentioned, or intended to raid Discord servers, only player-owned in-game servers.

(Before these DMs I was staff in Bogo Pete’s Unturned and Discord servers.)
(Elon Musk is the username of my former friend who was also staff of Bogo Pete’s server)
(I’m putting these DMs here for context as to why Bogo Pete reported me, and to prove why I never had the intent to raid Discord servers.)
(Yes, I had plans to raid servers for cash reward in the future, but I hadn’t thought out the plan yet.
radwiniscool — Yesterday at 9:15 AM
hey dude im gonna do an epic one and quit staff
is there any form shit that i have to fill out or can i just leave?

Bogo Pete — Yesterday at 10:15 AM

radwiniscool — Yesterday at 10:16 AM
i only expected moderating the server, not doing other tasks that devs should do

Bogo Pete — Yesterday at 10:18 AM
You’re not doing dev task?
You’re doing staff work
I do have a question before I finalize your report tho
Whaf is this about creating a raiding group to raid servers

radwiniscool — Yesterday at 10:18 AM
ah yes, elon musk told you about that
yeah im making an ingame terrorist group

Bogo Pete — Yesterday at 10:19 AM
To raid servers

radwiniscool — Yesterday at 10:19 AM
of course, your server ISNT p2w enough to raid
i put epg on the neutral list for now

Bogo Pete — Yesterday at 10:20 AM
You are kidding correct?

radwiniscool — Yesterday at 10:20 AM

Bogo Pete — Yesterday at 10:20 AM

I will have to make an Announcement about this
Just fwi
If this is a real thing

radwiniscool — Yesterday at 10:20 AM
its only for raiding p2w servers
you can announce anything you like

Bogo Pete — Yesterday at 10:21 AM
And you’re cool with this being in your report that you raid RP servers for cash

radwiniscool — Yesterday at 10:21 AM
damn elon told you everything

Bogo Pete — Yesterday at 10:21 AM
Yes he did

radwiniscool — Yesterday at 10:21 AM
but yes, raiding for cash is for when we get bigger

Bogo Pete — Yesterday at 10:22 AM
I tell you right now that this is not a good idea
If you disband the group I’ll remove this off the report

radwiniscool — Yesterday at 10:22 AM
we just started up, we’re trying to make as many allies as possible

Bogo Pete — Yesterday at 10:22 AM
Raiding RP servers is not cool

radwiniscool — Yesterday at 10:22 AM
our main goal is to find real reasons to raid servers
not out of pure bias

Bogo Pete — Yesterday at 10:23 AM
That is still not cool
Send me your steam id

radwiniscool — Yesterday at 10:23 AM

Bogo Pete — Yesterday at 10:26 AM
If the group is disbanded let me know and I can unban you

radwiniscool — Yesterday at 10:26 AM

Bogo Pete — Yesterday at 10:27 AM
I’ll send your report out when I get home

radwiniscool — Yesterday at 10:28 AM
sounds good, it sucks that elon would do that but whatevr

radwiniscool — Yesterday at 11:38 AM
shit dude
you fucking win
im deleting the discord server and affiliated steam group
they said a bunch of shit about me breaking TOS
now that it’s gone do you mind telling unturned official staff that i agreed to delete the servers and its affiliates?
in turn, you agreed to shutdown whatever you were doing against it?
i dont wanna be perm banned from unturned official lol

Bogo Pete — Yesterday at 12:06 PM

radwiniscool — Yesterday at 12:06 PM
you got what you want, the group is gone
do you mind getting me unbanned from the unturned official server?

Bogo Pete — Yesterday at 12:07 PM
I can’t, I didn’t even fully report you
Everyone else did

radwiniscool — Yesterday at 12:07 PM
well i didnt break tos and i was banned for breaking it so i have reason to get unbanned, ill try asking one of my friends for help

Bogo Pete — Yesterday at 12:15 PM
Yeah they won’t unban you

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I hope you get unbanned my friend!!

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Fair enough

In that case intent would suffice.

Phat fucking yikes

Tbh Pete seems like the reasonable one here.

Is this your answer to my appeal request? As I’ve stated in my appeal, I had no intent to raid Discord servers, therefore I cannot logically be banned for “TOS Violation.” On top of that, the group was disbanded as soon as I was told my group could threaten TOS. I am no threat to any sort of TOS code and should be unbanned.

Well yes, what else could it be?

I can see why that reasons seems wrong, hell it might actually be.
I can change it if that works for you. At the end of the day I think the ban was very much within reason, making groups to raid server (ingame or Discord), let alone in exchange for monetary compensation is not something we want to be a platform for.

I’d ask for proof of the group disbanding but that is kinda hard to prve so I dunno.

Figure out a way for me to prove it. I’m sick of jabberjawing like little kids without my situation being changed.

Thats a solid no chief. Couldn’t if I wanted to.
The burden of proof is on you.

If he wants to get in trouble with discord TOS that’s his problem not yours

Imo I wouldn’t ban him from the unturned server

I didn’t break any codes within Discord’s TOS.
As I mentioned within my appeal, I had no plans nor intention to raid Discord servers. If I had said or implied the raiding of Discord servers I would be directly violating the TOS, since I am not violating any Discord TOS I cannot be rightfully banned from the Official Unturned Discord server for TOS violation and should be unbanned.

Besides acknowledging your inaccurate comment, I’ll be spending some time collecting proof on the group’s disbandment, and hopefully get my false-ban revoked.

Alright so be it.

We will arrange a sort of court case that’ll eventually prove whether I keep the ban or it gets revoked.
At a time of convenience for both parties, we will call witnesses, unbiased voters, a few extra Unturned Discord staff members, and some people who want to observe the case proceedings. We will all join a Discord server that you and I both have admin in or a server with no bias to either party, we will show evidence, have a VC session where I plead my case, and decide a winner with an anonymous vote among the unbiased voters. If I win I get unbanned, if I lose I’ll stay banned forever, I won’t mention this again, and I’ll bid you farewell.

This of course being only if you accept the terms. A pretty Deus Ex Machina moment, eh?
If you agree with the terms, DM me. radwiniscool#3376

(If I lose so be it, this was fun to write and I hope for everyone to have fun during this!)




They can observe them in here, its a public thread for a reason.


You can just drop the proof here tho?
(No, copy-pasted text from DMs are not proof)

We are not turning your unban process into a public vote. People can (and should) come forward with evidence in here, not some random Discord (which you cannot 100% share because Discord sadly does not work like that. One user has ultimate authority).

Best I can do for you is link this thread again and set up a vote.

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When did this become a court case lmao


Well mainly the the person who banned you, I doubt the other mods care

Radwin Joesph Simpson vs The Server of Unturned

They absolutely have a say in ban appeals. The mod that issued it can choose to revoke it, if he doesn’t but the others think he should we have a vote.

Has the jury reached a verdict to each account of accused crime

I have absolutely no proof of NOT doing anything wrong, but the person who banned me doesn’t have any proof that I DID do anything wrong.

I know that there’s no way in hell that I can prove my innocence so I wanted to have a bit of fun by turning this into a mock court case, apparently people think that’s a ■■■■■■■■ idea…

Without proof on both sides I’m currently in a state of limbo regarding this ban. DeusExMachina, were you the one who banned me? If not, do you mind telling me who did and how to contact them?

Well, you did admit to the very thing you were banned for so it’d be pointless to post evidence.

No, but there should be proof that the group disbanded no?

Oh no, why would wasting hours of time of multiple people not be a good idea.

There is no limbo. You are banned, and you will remain banned for the time being. Depending on what evidence you manage to produce that might change (into a temp-ban for example).

I don’t recall, let me check. No, I was not.

Chances are you just don’t. You can assume for the sake of argument that I did, I’d forward any evidence anyway since I am here on behalf of the staff team.