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You royally messed it up. West Virginia is in the middle:
Counrty road,
Take me home,
To the place,
I belong,
West Virginia,
(Mountain mama?)
Take me home,
Country road…

I dont care XDXD

So are we getting any example of the quality that we sould expect or what

Sorry, I got caught up with something yesterday.

Hold on.

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i actually started writing a story based off of unturned lore back in, like, 2016 when 3.0 was something people actually cared about as much

…it’s cringey as fuck though

Hi! I readed the discussion about the web comic, and I would be happy to help you! But I think the comic should have the same art-style as Unturned. Why? To give it the original “feel” of Unturned, and for me, to be more easier to draw the panels in less time (I don’t have that much time for a web comic, currently im working on concept arts for a game). Contact me on Instagram @nikorasukon if you’re interested. For this month I will have more time.

No-no it should be manga XD
TBH I don’t really care

I appreciate your concern over the art style.
However, sticking strictly to the game’s art style might not appear professional to some.

I disagree. It’s not Unturned if one actively avoids making it anything like Unturned. Creative liberties are fine, but this reasoning is quite silly, if you ask me.

I also kinda find it a bit weird for an “official webcomic” to potentially not be considered canon. However, that’s a bit more understandable considering it removes the player’s role from the game, and is more prone to retcons depending on how much official input is actually being given.

Unturned hentai xD

Unturned FurRieS.

Remember to apply fire and gently massage in burning oil for optimal results.

You keep using that word in which I don’t think you know what it’s mean.

Maybe use an in-game images would be a lot more easier and still keep it on the unturned’s style.

If you’re just using the games graphics, it’s probably best to get some voice actors and turn it into a machinima. Easy art isn’t really appreciated.

Just do what any mincecraft machinima do if voice acting isn’t a choice.

You do know that’s Japanese animated well… Know what… Nevermind… I hope that for your sake, you know what it means. Otherwise, you will have a rough day once you find out

In Vault 76, our future, beggins…

For me, it was a pretty great day when I found out.
(jk I do not partaketh of the hentai)

The comic can be canon, but it’s Nelson’s choice.
I can’t make the rules here.

What I’m saying that if Nelson didn’t choose to make it canon, what officiality does it have to begin with? Why can’t you just make a webcomic right now anyways?

I’m just confused as to why your idea includes it being “official.”