Ok New zombie right and good and one that cannot attack

Ok so the original for the zombie idea i made was it was not going to attack and it also does this so the zombie is going to be call swifter there are zombie that appear at nice and what they do is that they eat every night so what the bad part is in the night there are the horde zombies there the swifter is fast so in the night he not alone if you kill the swifter every night the horde zombie run. The good part is that it effect the player the player get loot good loot basically but remember there are horde zombie these zombie walk around the swifter guarding him the problem is that the swifter cannot attack but he can run and the horde zombie can too now. How it play out is that the feeding ground kind of has weak spot around the feeding ground. Ok so your able to kill it thought those zombie or you can do this you can get friend and start shooting but it crazy for them and it can effect if the swifter out run you if it does than the horde zombie in the feeding ground will increase that bad but remember it easy to kill horde zombie in the night. While it ok so what do y’all think.

To be honest, I think you should retire on making Unturned ideas. It’s silly like the last one

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Wow that rude well what you going to do.

You really should stop with the bad ideas.


No. I understood like, two sentences in OP’s post, and even then it’s still vague and unnecessary in Unturned at the moment.

Sorry, but you need to improve on making your posts understandable and easy to read.

Their previous suggestion on the forum was for a nocturnal zombie that only ate things, and didn’t actually attack until it evolved into a Mega Zombie (think of Evolve monsters).

This new suggestion also does not attack. Instead, they just feed at night unless you kill it. Killing it causes the entire zombie horde (there’s one every night in this suggestion) to be of fast-thingy-ma-bobbers (sprinters or just faster zombies in general?).

However, the player gets loot! Good loot! This is difficult though, since the horde follows the really-quick swifter as guards.

The strategy here is to target the feeding ground’s weak spot, which is around the feeding ground(???). You can kill it through the zombies, or you can get a friend and start shooting but it’s crazy for them (your friend goes rambo I assume and lets you solo stealth kill the swifter?) since the swifter can outrun you (rambo friend) and that means you are all very dead people as the zombies in the feeding ground increase.

That is what I understood from their suggestion.

Well either way that’s what the horde beacon is for, don’t see the point of adding another zombie type that ends up dropping really good loot.


i understand i just want a zombie that does not attack meaning i want some zombie to have trait that related to why there are doing this and that.

Please, do all of us a favour and just write in a way that isn’t mentally draining. I honestly have no clue to what you are trying to say

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Go to this link here see if people are talking about my grammer and stuff Weapon Stand

The first comment literally states to make “concise posts”, so yeah, people where critiquing your grammar too, look, I don’t expect everyone here to be masters of English, there are a lot of people here from different parts of the globe that don’t speak English but can still manage to make decent posts.

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ok one reply look at the other ok they good but still this is now a old post stop reply everyone
off this topic now go to the weapon stand topic and comment on ideas for that.

I read your other post, and it too doesn’t make too much sense to be honest, all be it that this one is far worse in both content and actual grammar. I didn’t want to attack you but since you just went ahead and starting spouting actual BS about me “hating” on you then I think this is well due.

Next time you make a post, try proof reading it before posting.

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Nowhy, i’d love if you could get better at grammar. its too hard to understand atm, its making you look like a young kid.

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M8 even 13 year old can struggle ok so stop saying this and that ok even 13 and 14 can struggle ok no matter what the age you can be bad at anything sometime.

what did I just read, I can understand 1 sentence

But I can see the concept and I don’t think something like this would look good in the game.

I agree with you on that, age doesn’t matter in this situation, but the way you are acting does show your maturity.

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Weapon Stand look at this post

What do you mean?