On-Map Containers

In certain survival games, items are found in chests, crates, or other storage units. Perhaps items could be found/placed inside wardrobes, counters, crates, instead of/along with laying on tables and couches. This would be more realistic and allow people to store/hide/plant items without needing to craft a chest.


Yes. This and the fact that you should actually be able to rummage through various objects, some may be locked and require a key, lockpicking skill, or brute force.

I mean at the very least people would rummage through trash for materials.


not bad idea.

Sometimes it’s the obvious things that get passed us. Haven’t even thought about this. Good idea

This whole time I hadn’t thought about that! What a good idea.

So basically like the 7 days to die system, where loot only respond in containers if their empty and such

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This is actually already implemented! :slight_smile:
I’m not sure if I opened it in the most recent devlog but that kitchen counter prop can store items. It’s set up so that props can have item storage components which spawn items from normal spawn tables.


I’d love to search through piles of debris and maybe backpacks and stuff left in a school or something.

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