On Underwater Locomotion

I do recall several topics have been made discussing boats and submarines.
Therefore, I am putting my own spin on this topic, and I hope to see some community feedback on my ideas.

  1. Submarines
    Full-sized submarines like those the military uses are simply unfeasible in Unturned. Personally, I would oppose such a vehicle being added. If one were to be added, it would function in a similar way to the train and blimp: only one of each will spawn on certain maps. I propose that such a submarine, if added, can accomodate beds and such structures in its interior, as well as having designated exit points that force the player to have to exit at certain points in the vessel. Like the blimp, the vehicle will stay at a certain cruising depth unless moved.

  2. Submersibles
    Now, I believe these would be a much better addition to Unturned. These function somewhat like the Seamoth in Subnautica, while the submarine would be more like the Cyclops. A submersible would look somewhat like this:
    Now, I have an even more preposterous suggestion: a craftable submersible
    However, when you think about such a vehicle, it might not seem like such a bad idea after all. This submersible would be the type of craft that drug smugglers use. Operating more like a boat that a submersible, the craft will sit about a meter below the waterline, and unlike the submarine and submersible, the crafted one cannot submerge any further. Such a craft would look somewhat like this:

For those who want me to elaborate further on the subject, I shall provide some additional information as to how I think these two vehicles should work.

  • The crafted submersible is powered using batteries or power cells
  • The submersible can only be refueled when on the surface
  • The crafted one is not bulletproof against small arms fire, but the other one is
  • Air supply must be considered as well; both watercraft have extended oxygen supply, but still must resurface for air
  1. Dive scooter
    Again, a suggestion based off of Subnautica. I suppose this would be the first vehicle of its type, one that in held in the inventory instead of one that can be interacted with.
    Such a vehicle would probably use power cells or batteries similar to that of the current 3.0 chainsaw, and will significantly increase the diver’s speed underwater.

  2. Swimming
    I do believe swimming requires a major overhaul. For one, swimming faster using stamina would be a good one to add. In addition to this, certain clothing items should impact speed while swimming more. For example, a wetsuit or a drysuit, as well as flippers, would grant the swimmer the most speed, while loose and dragging clothing such as large backpacks or millitary uniforms wouldn’t do as well in water, due to inncreased drag.

  3. Drowning
    Drowning also needs a similar overhaul. Again based off of Subnautica, this suggestion is that, instead of having an oxygen meter and a health meter that decreases after the oxygen meter is depleted, the oxygen meter should have be buffed slightly, but when you run out of oxygen, you drown. As in, if you run out of air, you will die, even with max health.


Sounds good m8

Finally, a good suggestion.

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