Open Ended Raiding for Unturned II?

It used to be that in very early 3.0 you could raid with pretty much everything and this opened up a very creative process to raiding Ex. Ramming a car into the side of the base and blowing it up break through. Now I don’t want it to go completely back to that system where you could punch down metal doors and vaults but maybe some slight steps back like being able to melee down weaker structures like wooden doors,boxes, and barricades? but the trade off is that your tools would break and you would have to maintain them making it balanced. This would make upgrading to stone or metal a significant upgrade rather then just getting a few extra hit points. Of course you would still have to grind for for stronger raiding tools for stronger bases.


This is sounding like Minecraft now xD


how so gamer?

Upgrading tools to maintain damage with specific type of material tools

If raiding items are hard to find in Unturned II, then this would be nice. Temporary making a wooden base and then upgrading it into metal or rock, so it gives a better purpose to those materials as you said.

+1 I like the idea


He said grind more not upgrade tools?
edit: He said upgrade the structure your base is made out of, not the tools.

not so much upgrading tools like OooOOoh GoiNG to RaID yoU WiTh My DiaMOnD SwoRd but repairing and making sure your axe or sledgehammer doesn’t break

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Your a funny guy XD still a good suggestion though and since I just got it explain by the other person I guess it would be a good implementation


Ram a truck through a wall


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I love how rust system works I think unturned II can take some inspiration in it.


same here i feel the same about the sleepers

Ew, that system sounds terrible. It would remove most of the uniqueness in Unturned’s raiding and bring it multiple step’s forward to a Minecraft ripoff (which it’s already called sometimes).

Raiding in 3.0 is horrible and not really creative at all. Collecting scrap to make a metal base takes way too long, when it will be destroyed in the same time as a wooden one, with one gun.

Considering you could destroy an entire metal base with a gun and some basic military ammunition, guns shouldnt be used as a tool to destroy bases with some little exceptions.

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One thing that has bothered me and probably a lot of other people is the fact that you can’t break down weaker structures with sledgehammers.

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image just because its unique dosn’t mean its good being able to be more creative with breaking into bases would make it more fun

Bullets should primarily penetrate through walls to hit things beyond them, and only secondarily damage the walls themselves.

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