Options for entering buildings

Last one for today.
Entering with doors.

  • kick the door open, how fast you do OT depends on leg strength.

  • pick the lock, would require you to do certain things to get past it.

  • if it’s unlocked, open quietly or loudly. (BTW, kicking open will make loads of noise, picking the lock and opening quietly will be more quiet obviously. )


  • jump through the window while it’s closed, will make a lot of noise and cause damage to you, as well as having broken the window. (Friday the 13th anyone?)

  • open the window loudly/quietly.

  • climb through the window. If it’s broken it will cause damage to you.

  • jump through an opened window. Will cause less damage but still make a lot of noise.

  • jump through a large window, one that’s unable to be opened. Will damage you, make a LOT of noise and make it so zombies can follow you through easier. (basically have broken the window for the zombies/ TURNED)

  • open vent crate quietly or loudly.
    I have no more ideas.


Someone told me this kinda stuff was already being planned to be implemented, not sure where actual confirmation on this is but im pretty sure its planned.

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And thus the baseless rumor spreads. You monster.


FBI, open up!


This os easy of implement i believe

Tô open a dor press E
Tô open a door slowly manten pressioned E for a long time.
Tô kick The door press E 2x Very fast

Tô glasses and Others use The same thing !!

Interestingly enough, this mechanic has actually been in “Unturned,” kinda.

The orignial “Deadzone” game made by Zackzak had a feature where you could open an unlocked door normally. However, if any door was locked, there as also an option to Breach the door and destroy it.

Overall, nice idea, it fits with the semi-parkour idea.


Jumping through the closed window on the second floor.


when i read the title i imagine your entering beyond the roof using cords like in R6

wish i could do the same but ouT OF IT HAHGAha am i right fellas

I don’t why but. I was wishing for a chances to break your legs while kicking doors and windows and whatnot.

proceeds to fall into a horde of zombies with 1%

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that could work aswell

well its unlikely, most doors are more likely to break before you leg breaks. that is, if you have your leg braced correctly. Well most commercial and residential doors anyways.

Was talking about going on kicking a lots of doors and windows in a short period of time.

Should have a cooldown for that otherwise your leg would broke. But then again that’s not a big deal. Just put a sprint and it’s all fixed.

What about something like this? (Finally have a use for a crowbar!)


maybe if you have a crowbar, otherwise…image
Also, on a side note, lots of people kick down doors. firefighters, police, military, ect. it shouldnt be too hard to break down most doors. steel doors, and vault doors should be a lot harder to break down, basically impossible to open with a crowbar or kicking them. Commercial doors, like this

should be easily broken.

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in case you dont know, those type of commercial doors are hollow.

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What about actually shooting the door knob to open the door? I know you can’t do it for steel doors, but just the basic ones.

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yeah that would also work, but would make an incredible amount of noise if you dont have a suppressor.

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You wouldn’t be able to kick that door down. The hinges are on the outside :stuck_out_tongue: