[Outdated]Why LMG’s are broken

After the update most of not everything is now outdated in this post, thanks for the good feedback people gave and sorry for not putting an indication on the main post itself instead of in the comments of the post that it was outdated.

It has been a while since I last uploaded something here, so I decided to post another thing about lmg’s and why they are broken in raiding. Before you flip a table while reading this post, this is all just my opinion therefore not all of this is without bias, though I do have my experience with these topics as I have over 2k hours (about 2223 at time of post) and experience raiding alone, in small, and large groups now let’s begin.

1, Lmg’s are easy to get. Being the only class of gun that can damage non free form buildables with low cal. ammo, they are already a decent option for raiding. The usual rarity of them does a good job at balancing, but a horde beacon with a bit of ammo in an smg or ar, and a chainsaw can easily get you an lmg for raiding. Combined with the fact that more people per horse beacon = more loot, it can get pretty ridiculous with how many you get. From my experience with 2-3 people you can get 3-5 lmg’s in one beacon, essentially removing any form of grind to get one. Also another reason why playing in a large group/clan is easy.

2, lmg’s are god tier in raiding. Anyone with experience raiding knows that lmg’s are amazing when raiding. One box (ether 150 or 200 rounds depending on which one you have) can get through a decent amount of wall, wood or metal. doors are torn open, sentries only take 5-7 shots and lockers or metal wardrobes are annihilated from existence leaving any loot open for taking in 20-40 shots per item, accounting for how easy ammo is to come across, it is very easy to shoot open a base, clear it’s defenses and get to the loot with only a few boxes to reload with.

3, they are useless in all other situations. Lmg’s are overall quite unwieldy in combat, most of the time you dont want to risk losing one in pvp due to the fact that the person can take it and raid you immediately after, and the hassle of getting another one using the method in point 1. In pvp, lmg’s dont fill the role they should, as spam to cover team mates, just from the fact that a maple strike, night raider, aug, zubeknakov, etc… can fill that role at or above what an lmg could provide without risking a rare weapon (ok maybe not the aug and night raider). The recoil on the lmgs means you have to be prone with ether a grip or bipod to reliably shoot accurately, unless you are some form of pvp expert, but most people playing unturned aren’t amazing at pvp so controling recoil can be a decent challenge. In base defence they are usually placed inside sentries, though because they have the reaction time worse than any human being on earth and because they don’t rapid fire, they can be taken out quite fast thus giving the raiders another tool to raid with causing point 2 to get even worse.

Overall the lmg family of weapons, not including the hells fury, needs more love and attention to become viable in its intended uses, and not just for raiding that new guy on the server who can’t seem to figure out what raw explosives do. Though due to 4.0 being in development I don’t think that the lmg’s will get the rebalance they need to become more viable. Also if there are spelling errors or something that needs clarification I can give more insight into my thinking.

Scuse me? Have you see the most recent update notes? All lmgs take high cal now.

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No there not. first you have to find a military base, then kill a bunch of zombies until the golden bellied zombie finally drops it.

No shit. Captain obvious is over here. I mean if you have high cal ammo inside a dragonfang which will win? a metal door or dragon fangy boi

yeah, because they’re used for raiding. They’re not offensive guns nor are they the best defensive weapons.

Like my good friend King frog said,

There has been an update to the game. so this is practically a useless post.

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thanks for the feedback and for being nice about it, didnt check the latest update post so i didnt see that lmg’s got changed and i appreciate you clarifying that. also thanks for feedback on the rest of the arguments i attempted to make

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nelson honestly could’ve just made them more rare in loot tables

but then you can argue like, “oh people will just raise them in maps/servers”

i think maybe nelson should add - modifiers on items when putting them in loot tables