Overambition May Ruin Unturned II

Disclaimer: I’m just a hobbyist gamer who happened to check the forums and devlogs after a year… Also not a game dev. Just my opinions.

The potential elephant in the room. But somehow no one noticed.
I would like to point out that I have returned to forums after a long time, but I’ve noticed some problems immediately with some things regarding the future of Unturned II. Most notably how many of us jump the gun and shoot themselves later.

How Unturned is meant to be
I would like to ask some questions. What made Unturned work? How is it successful with a Roblox-ly, blocky graphic, janky as hell vehicle physic, corny zombies, etc. which appeared to be an unappealing game at first glance?

Nelson Sexton had asked people what they believed to be the core of Unturned.

" All the way back since 2.0 unturned has been one of my favorite games, and I believe the reason for that is.
1. Unturned is a SIMPLE survival game. It is easy to get immersed into the game because of its simplicity.
2. Unturned performs in pretty much every aspect that a survival game should perform. Example: looting, basebuilding, exploration, raiding and combat. While some survival games emphasize on specific aspects, they often lose quality on the other aspects."

and many other great answers from many users. Check it out.


why must so many people suggests like 20 attachments to guns, specific ways to reload faster, or argues how it must function realistically like assigning 5.56×45mm NATO bullets to specific weapon?! Ranger and military ammo box is perfect just the way it is.
realistic = does not mean fun
making simple mechanics complicated = does not mean fun. May be more frustrating instead.

Ok… I’m a little too hot-headed here. Let’s take a step back here.

How I believe Unturned should be

Unturned function like a pseudo open world for me personally in a server.
If you want to play with your friends and other strangers without any mod, vanilla server exist.
If you want to play PVP with player battleground style, that server exist.
If you want to play sandbox, with store and vault mod, that server exist.
If you want to play sci-fi weapons like railgun tank, that mod exist
Another thing is that you have total freedom of what you want to do. One of the big appeals of Unturned for me is player building. I have yet to see any in the devlog as of right now…
And most importantly is that I get what I want the most.
Unturned is the foundation that the community expanded with the tools they have.

The Bottom Line…
Unturned II should be a polished version of Unturned 3
Focus on core mechanics, its appeal, nothing complicated that will only make it frustrating like reading a wall of text on what attachments can be attached to very specific weapons.
improve on players’ freedom of choice
improve on making mods and server creation more accessible to the community (if possible)

Thank you for coming to my ranting TEDx talk and I hope everyone is having a great day. Goodbye!!
Jump off roof


I didnt expect such a good and well thought out post to come from this forum!!!

I agree that the core of this game has always been its simplicity, but nobody else seems to actually realise this. Everyone seems to want unturned to be some hardcore “survival-oriented” game that turns its back to what made it so popular in the first place, that being it’s exaggerated and fast paced progression, PvP, base building, etc. The appeal of this game comes from launching it up and being able to play for anywhere from 3 hours to a week, and then forget about it. It dosent require the same amount of time commitment as rust to get enjoyment out of it.

Imo 4.0 should expand on this concept of a “casual survival game”. Give people more fun ways to progress rather than just looting locations. Make everything feel as good/fun as the driving already is. Add more random stuff to do on the side like easter eggs, collectable items, fun quests, etc. However it should also remain as a sandbox, allowing people to create whatever experiences they wish to have (but this is something the game is already heading towards with its focus on modding so i wont rant about it)

Tldr : i dont want to have a PhD in guns to play the new game :(((((


Good post. But all I care about is Nelson adding cheese in unturned.


It seems to me that people want this game to become a free to play rust or dayz


I think Unturned should have simple survival mechanics at this point but with the ability for modders to heavily modify even core elements of gameplay. This will allow modders and players alike to heavily curate content in order to give it more heavy survival or faction esque elements so to speak.


The death of Unturned vanilla began when weekly updates stopped dropping and everyone turned to community servers for a substitute due to lack of content, I remember me and my brother would be sitting across the TV each week watching a 2Rgames unturned update video, good times.


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