Painberg's New Member

We would like to introduce you Pineridge’s new member - Snake.

Although he has no forum account yet, you can catch him on the Discord server for now.

You might be wondering why he is in the server in an unusual circumstance - I would also like to see your reactions and results of this implementation of new member system that favours community merits from other communities and servers.

For now, let’s welcome Snake.


This is great! I love that there’s new people in pineridge.


bro you needed to post in the pineridge category smh my head




Bro you just posted in the wrong category

You were supposed to post it in the Painbridge category dude, uncool bro.

bro you just posted in the
the wrong category bro

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Guys help how do I get into Birchhill and Maplepeak?


Is secret.

Don’t worry about it anon

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Okay can I please have some clarification. I know that Pineridge is the first map for UII but what is the context behind you talking about it here. Please explain.

Pineridge is the first map for UII


I can’t move the topic to the Pineridge category wtffffff


Bro what did you just do

Can someone move it for me wtf is happening its buggy

smh my head these noobs don’t understand

Unfortunately an interaction is missing from this model. It is possible for the 2 s orbital on one atom to interact with the 2 p z orbital on the other. This interaction introduces an element of s-p mixing, or hybridization, into the molecular orbital theory. The result is a slight change in the relative energies of the molecular orbitals, to give the diagram shown in the figure below. Experiments have shown that O2 and F2 are best described by the model in the figure above, but B2, C2, and N2 are best described by a model that includes hybridization, as shown in the figure below.



What is this Pineridge category that people are talking about?

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Begone with that foul scientific nonsense!