PDW should not exist on Yukon

You have a map with only civilian weapons and clothes yet you decide to add the best secondary in the entire game. This is phenomenally bad for the maps balance and IMHO it should be changed.

This could go in a couple of ways:

  1. Just outright remove the PDW and Military Drums from their spawntables. Mega Zombies and Deadzones will still be worth doing due to them being the only way you can get attachments.

  2. Replace them with the Swissgewehr and its 20 round magazines. It never received proper love due to Germany (and literally every other map) having much better guns to offer. However, it could be a very balanced endgame gun for Yukon, with its performance being on par with the Ace and rifles.

  3. Replace them with the Shadowstalker and Rails. It too could easily be a balanced endgame gun, with it’s incredible firepower yet scarce ammo. Oh and raiding on Yukon would be a bit easier now that you have something to deal chip damage with.

Which one do you think is best?
  • Just remove the PDW and drums, no replacement needed.
  • Swissgewehr and Swissgewehr Magazines.
  • Shadowstalker and Rails.
  • A different gun. (post a reply)
  • Keep everything as it is now, no change needed.

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I believe the police and RCMP settlements should have some sort of automatic gun, not necessarily anything major, but considering we don’t have a vanilla counterpart for this gun(maybe curated but I’m not sure), and its one that’s used primarily by police and other armed civil authority. I’m talking about the HK416, or as I have a suggestion of a name if it were in unturned, the Heralda. I think an automatic weapon on Yukon would be useful, but not too much. (the PDW is a bit too fast firing and is internally suppressed, so I think a slower fire rate, and around either slightly lower damage, or almost the same damage as the PDW could work wonders for Yukon PVP.


I really believe that Swissgewehr would be perfect for the Yukon. It is a very nice and beautiful weapon, but ineffective when compared to a maplestrike or heartbreaker.


Yukon gets a lot of suggestions, all the time.

We implemented gentle snowfall recently (to replace non-snowing periods, while keeping the occasional severe blizzard). I personally wonder if people are more interested in an actual rework (bigger changes), or just a refresh (smaller changes, such as this suggestion). I always see a mixture of both.

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Both would be fine by me. This suggestion here, however, isn’t just a refresh. Yukon is a great map. Relatively small locations, no horde beacons, balanced loot nodes. There isn’t one big military base that you can camp 24/7 to win the game.

Except that because of the PDW there is, Off-Limits. PDW is incredibly good on this map and not having it puts you at a massive disadvantage. The gameplay then boils down to doing the same thing as you did on other maps - building a camping base, shooting anyone who tries to loot, looting the location yourself.


77% of people in this post voted for any changes in case of PDW on Yukon map. So pls tell Nelson to do something.

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The swissgewehr could be a really nice addition to Yukon, I would gladly see it get some love.

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It has been done! :grin:


Never really had an intent of creating an account here, but patchnotes made me to do it.

I have been playing Yukon map for a month or so now. I play on a fully vanilla server (SOD, you know these probably, the ones that collect polish sweat clans and such). Yet for the whole month of me being there I haven’t really noticed that the PDW brings an awful lot of problems. Most people use shotguns because the snowstorm limits your line of sight massively and forces you to go into CQC. Viper, being full-auto gun can do its job, but it is not that fast firing and you can struggle to kill people because of its low base damage. Cobra is also not a choice as it has a lot of recoil, which is fair, since it is in fact, a pistol. Finding these guns and ammo for them is not hard at all as they are both chambered in civilian ammunition. PDW is a military gun. It has its place. The gun is rare, the ammunition is scarce, and the weapon is used only in situations that are considered critical, such as raids. The removal of the weapon and its replacement with the Swissgewehr is not a good idea as the replacement gun is a sharpshooter rifle and is meant for long distance precision shooting which is not a thing on Yukon because of the constant snow and the lack of the scopes like 8x.

I think that the PDW must be back. Only thing I can agree with is the removal of the drum magazines, they are out of place on this map.


The snowstorms aren’t on 24/7, y’know.

The gun isn’t rare if you build a base on top of Off-Limits and farm Megas, which just turns it Washington/Russia/Germany but with snow (camp big military location = win).


Not really a huge fan of the change, from all the hours I played on that map it never really bothered me that much to the point it required to be replaced/removed. Guess it’ll be a ‘‘new’’ experience, now the last PDWs on regular vanilla maps will become pretty valuable!

atleast the replacement is the :switzerland: gun (:

The snowstorms aren’t a 24/7 but more like a 22/7. Judging my the month of playing on a server. Also even if there is no snowstorm it’s regular snow which still limits what you can actually see. Also the Off Limits is just made in a different manner than the military bases. It is not limited by a fence and it is absolutely not that hard to get there and get out of there. Plus, nobody is that interested in going there anyway since the map has a deadzone and the shipwreck. So Off Limits never has an awful lot of people. It is in the furthermost corner of the map that also doesn’t have player spawns as I remember, which makes living there not a good thing incase you get raided.

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good job brigading the thread


I played Yukon a few times, and PDW is too OP and not so rare. Last time I was playing Yukon it was definitely not so rare, we had a ton of it (like more than 6-7).
The servers were Black Vanilla in 2017, SOD and other random vanilla/semi-vanilla servers in 2018, DewaltShire Vanilla and Real Survival Semi-vanilla in 2020.


Make it less common, remove the drums and here you go. Might aswell make it a deadzone drop, so people would have a reason to go there. Putting a gun that has no purpose and reason to be on this map is not a great idea.


Making it more harder to get doesn’t solve the problem of the gun being too powerful in a map with mostly civilian loot, with or without drums.

Swissgewehr seems like a nice replacement because it doesn’t overshadow most of the available weapons while at the same time giving players a gun with a different, but fairer play field


If you cannot fight against PDW, then this is your personal problem. Everyone played and everyone was fine, but a kid came, who, apparently, was often killed from this gun and decides that everything needs to be changed. Leave everything as it was. Slavs, we unite to defend the PDW! СЛАВЯНЕ, ЗАЩИТИМ ХАНЬКУ! ОСТАВИМ ВСЁ, КАК БЫЛО! НЕ БУДЕМ МЕНЯТЬ ВСЁ ИЗ-ЗА РЕБЁНКА


Yeah, that’s exactly why PDW does not belong on Yukon. It overpowers the existing secondary carbine on the map (Viper) to the point that you don’t need to use any other weapon on the map in pvp.

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It is a military gun, it should be better than others. That is the point of its existence on the map. It has decent damage per shot and is full-auto. It is there to actually kill people, not scare them. Viper sometimes takes an awful lot of bullets to kill someone, which pretty much means that you will most likely die in a fight against a shotgun. PDW has better damage and rate of fire to excel where the Viper fails. I also should mention that kids who cry about the gun being wrong probably leave the server after like 2-3 minutes because they die from cold.

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Yes, that’s why PDW has its purpose. It’s better than Viper. Good luck killing a shotgun dude in a CQC situation or taking half a mag to kill a guy. The base damage of Viper is absurdly low.

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