would it be cool if they added phones? The phone can be used as a chart/Gps, you can can use it like a walkie talkie and call people or get in a private text channel

It has already been suggested many times.


I have two phones.

Two phones, One finger

Two fingers, three phones.

Can’t we have like makeshift grenade but it’s phone?

Also, good luck connecting to the nearest WIFI in those dark times. Same goes with cell phone networks in general.

Also… er… discord?

Honestly nelson needs to decide what time period unturned is gonna be and have technology
Reflecting the time period.
Simple phones would be OK additions as a scrap metal source with limited function.
Since phone networks would be mostly gone.
I imagine flashlight and not much else.

I had always assumed Unturned was set in a timeline that has fairly modern technology, some cutting edge experimental technology, and a lot of old technology that is left over from when it was modern. Basically the same as what we have in the real world. Is there some reason that doesn’t fit?

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I Feel Like Unturned Takes between 1998 or 2003

Because Note The Televisions and Phones ingame. Definitely dont see house Phones in your everyday life, or Box tvs

Maybe an EMP?

More like between 2015-2018 with the lore, Germany’s zombie invasion began in summer 2017. Also considering the fact that other objects are pretty recent like the modern TVs, monitors and computers in several locations.

Well heres the thing… Washington could’ve been Exposed to the Virus and the coming years when Rescuers Attempt to Save any Survivors they could’ve caught the virus causing all of germany and any other maps to be infected

Actually This gives me an Idea

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