"photo mode"

Many games are adopting the photo mode I think it would be very useful and fun in Unturned II, however I think it could be in a slightly different way instead of selecting in the photo mode menu we could find a camera to use we click to take the picture press the left mouse button the camera automatically stands in the position of a selfie to exit press the right mouse button or ESC, some things like smiles and etc. can be changed in real time and the photos are sent to a default or selected folder on your computer and can be posted to Facebook groups or used for YouTube channel video thumbnails.

I think screenshots is already a thing.

Oh and the “camera” mode too. In-which it was used in machinima. Altho it’s only usable for admins.
ew selfies


its called hide interface and photoshop

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What would the camera look like? Here’s what mine’s like.

The film nowadays are like… twenty bucks for eight exposures.

So . . selfie mode?

this is a survival game

nuff said

If that’s your camera, then what were you taking the pictures with?

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Although my house is a 90s throwback, I do own a smartphone. It’s better to take a picture with your phone and just print them out for .34 cents a photo at the pharmacy, or better yet, just import it to your computer. Instead of 20.00 for Polaroid P600 or Spectra 8-films + shipping.

This gives me an idea for a new topic in the future!

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