Plan on paying dev to create custom Democracy bot for Discord. Thoughts?

In my group we’ve been looking wide and far for a bot that fits our needs, but they’re very obscure. So I wrote an entire google doc explaining what we want, and I plan on sending it to a dev to ask them to create it.

Thoughts? Additions? etc? idk lol

Don’t know what to think about it really since I’ve never needed such functions in a bot.

The focus group is your own group, I suggest sticking to their suggestions only, but you do you.


Several things:

  1. Borda count is absolutely shit. The creator said the system was made for honest voting since it can be used tactically. The Condorcet method is infinitely better.
  2. There’s a bot that does some of the stuff you described already and it’s actually pretty good.
  3. The idea of adding democracy to discord is pretty cool, but I’d definitely change the voting system to one that is harder to tactically vote with would be something you should do since Borda Count is really, really flawed.

Rain goan make a theocracy with a democracy bot.


Explain the Condorcet method?

It looks cool, but no Liquid Democracy

What wrong with “tactically” voting? People vote for what they want. its that simple. Every is happy and doesn’t have to do conservative voting strategies like under Pass-the-post voting.

All are welcome to the cult of the l a m p


Well I looked into your method of voting

It looks even further complicated than Borda Count, but I do understand it. However I’d say this system directly sections off options and makes them fight one-to-one, which may take away from the entire scheme of things when mass-voting against many different options and trying to (as a voter) take in all these options collectively.

A problem with it, also, is that is sounds way harder to explain to a coder for writing. Borda count is simple in the fact that the equation is simply

One divided by the # of choices in a question, the answer being the lowest ranked answers weight, then multiply by you know what to get a b c etc. I’ll talk to NonCompete about it and ask what he thinks about the system, since I got most of the idea from him.

Also in the comments of the video provided, NonCompete replies to criticism of the Borda Count system by explaining

Hey everyone, I"ve had a few people point out that Borda can have some flaws, for instance it might not weed out bad candidates very well.

That’s mostly true of “out of the box” Borda count systems, but the Borda count formulas can be customized to suit the situation. For instance, by giving first-rank candidates far more points than last-ranked candidates, or not giving candidates below a certain rank any points at all, etc.

I didn’t want to go into too much extraneous detail like that, this was more about showing folks that there are better alternatives to the First Past the Post system. Out-of-the-box Borda counting is not perfect for all situations but it’s a step forward.

Democracy is the best form of government, until you realize that nobody ever agrees on anything and nothing ever gets done, at which point it devolves into an oligarchy or autocracy.


So you’re problem with Condorcet is that it’s too complicated, and your preferred solution is to make Borda more complicated?

F͟u͟c͟k͟ t͟h͟e͟ d͟e͟m͟o͟c͟r͟a͟t͟s͟

[…]And of course, you wouldn’t be allowed to emote to all or multiple candidates, only one. This way people will be able to give votes easily through emotes, and easily be able to go back and see who they’ve given their vote to, and be able to take it back or give it to another “candidate”[…]

Discord literally cannot do that. You ccan eitther react as much as you want or not at all. Best workaround would be to Have each candidate be a seperate message you can react to and the bot revokes the react perm after X amount of reactions.

[…]Also, I’d like a feature where one candidate (by default) is given all of the votes, such as the owner of the Discord.[…]

Yikes buddy, yikes

[…]Also, when people select a candidate, it would take the vote from the default candidate (unless they’re choosing the default candidate in the emote choices)[…]

I really don’t see the need to add an emote for the default candidate unless you want to now who directly voted for him or if his vote was assigned by default.

[…]THIRD, it would be cool if everything about votes were saved to a MySQL instead of a flat file, but this is assuming the developer would have MySQL knowledge in the first place. Its fine if they cant, but this would help the bot scale better as more people join a server.[…]

Yeah, I’d say a JSON/XML for every vote and maybe another one for all of the past votes (only inlcuding the date and votes cast, no timestamps and names for ease of use). Maybe have a SQL for the total votes cast by a user or whatever. As you said, SQL tables scale better than normal arrays or files.

[…]After all this is done, we might not mind if we hosted the bot for everyone to publicly use. You could advertise it as your own bot, and we host it, but you dont share the source code so nobody steals your content.[…]

If you commission soemone who owns what is normally worked out. So you could just pay for all of the rights and not just a license.

All in all that sounds feasible, if tedious.

But of course

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A feature, not a bug of a “healthy” democracy is tons of infighting, riots and division, because the more democracy, the more free thinking and different and opposing ideas people will have.

A tyranny of the minority to defend against a tyranny of the majority.

not really.

lol yeah

Oh so ignorant. Theres bots that already do this, and have done this. You can only choose one emote, and if you choose another it forces your old emote to go away. If you didnt realize, moderators can remove people’s emotes and thats how the bot does it. lol?

If you read further on, this is the way to work around having to enforce compulsory voting.

I was thinking less about taking all his content rights away and turning him into a wage slave, and more like consensual and mutual aid. I can host the bot, he can advertise the bot, and maybe it will become popular, maybe he will get some donations. Maybe if this is something people have been wanting, I wont pay. but thats too optimistic.

W͟a͟i͟t͟ I͟ t͟h͟o͟u͟g͟h͟t͟ y͟o͟u͟ w͟e͟r͟e͟ a͟ f͟i͟l͟t͟h͟y͟ l͟e͟f͟t͟y͟

Assuming you’re implying United States Democrats, then you’re implying they’re lefties


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The absolute brainlet

You are saying tyranny of minority is a bad thing here right?

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yes… of course. Who would support autocracy/oligarchy/monarchism? lol

Can’t believe how well that low tier bait worked for you.

I would be upset about derailing the thread, but clearly OP is playing along to the new tune you’ve set.

If you were in charge of a country you’d be dealing with insurrections and civil wars all the time. Every single day is going to be in Bloody Kansas.

Theres lots of “democracies” around the world, yet they dont have this.

evidence: life

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