Planning my trip to meet up with Unturned community members

I’ve just recently graduated high school and are using 2020 as a gap year before I start actively studying/working full time. About halfway through 2020 I will be moving to the UK so I’ve been planning on touring Europe and the US eventually so I thought about bringing an “Unturned: Free to play” T-shirt with me for community members I meet up with to sign and to eventually pass the shirt off onto Nelson as a sort of gift from the community. I thought it’d be a cool way to spend time during my gap year and meeting some of my oldest friends I’ve met through Unturned.

Obviously this isn’t fully planned out just yet but it is likely I tour Europe this year or early next year, but I’d like to start planning and budgeting sooner rather then later.

I haven’t decided what shirt to use so far but I would want it to be a white shirt (easy to sign and write on) with an Unturned related logo on the front, any recommendations for what shirt I should use are welcome!

If you would like to sign the shirt just let me know in this thread if you’re interested so I can start planning around it!

PS. RainOfPain is not allowed to sign the shirt in fear of him attempting to make it pro-consumer.


I sense heat coming from the west. It feels, angry.

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this community meet-up is all about



Let me know if you’re ever around Chicago, I’ll be more than glad to hang out!

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I’m going to break into your car and forcefully make that shirt pro-consumer

thats a really cash-money thing to say

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using 2020 as a gap year before I start actively studying/working full time.

smart you are i must say its really true when u get into work you really won’t have much free time.sadly
only weekends and the end of the day when all u want is peace

@Armaros deja vu? :thinking:

Also RIP Modject


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He didn’t make the journey come down to pick me up. That is the true issue.

Huh. I’m actually in Georgia, too. Didn’t know I had other community members nearby.

I’m down in Florida but the others are too afraid to visit. Come to Disney World, you’ll enjoy it along with your overpriced food and beverages.

I’ve been to Disney, only rides I enjoyed were the Tower of Terror and Expedition Everest

i can already feel the cringe

My family never buys their food and beverages.

tfw swordninja lives in the middle of no where

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