Play as an animal

Do you remember play as an animal Nelson’s idea?
Who’s like that?

Alot of people either said:

  • Should be made as a separate game (Example: Goat Simulator)
  • Best left as the last thing added

And rightfully so, it’s a pretty random idea.

He prolly said it in the heat of the moment and regretted it afterwards. I don’t see the play as animal thingy working out and it shouldn’t be added frankly speaking. Time to move on from this people (and abandon dreams to play as furries :frowning: )

Reference the post about hunting. A cool gamode idea was suggested there.

Nelson had a pretty good rationalization for adding the ability to play as animals, and I can’t say I disagree entirely.

Reminds me during the early 2.0 times in his blog where he randomly come up with a ‘Dinosaur survival game’ or suggest someone to make one.

Well, coincidentally, ARK has started development late in the same year

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THOT!! :thinking::t_rex:

I think it will be add difficult for players, for example I was dead, and I will spawn as a bear and go to try kill the killer.

For example, these are + and - of this addition

+Can track players ( like a small Trail, from the player, with long last 30 minutes
+No need cloth, weapons, great damage
+Stealth, small size(wolves, not bears)
+You can be a friend of player

= New vision experience, for example wolves have a narrow set of colors, and some blurring, but better see a life creatures

-hard to find something to eat
(can’t eat preservation food)
-Cant fight VS gun (sure if you are not a Cheeseburger)
-cant use chat, you need speak with players without chat, like in real life

Unturned is trying to appeal to as many markets as possible. In the case of playing as an animal, the furry market.

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I think it’s fallacy

What are you referring to?

Maybe he’s talking about how people keep associating wanting to play as animals and being furries.
Proofs, read all

NeedlessMemeing was clearing joking…

I didn’t complain about the joke. You asked what someone else was complaining about, and that’s the only thing I see that might fit the complaint.

I didn’t mean to imply that you were complaining about anything, but I see what you’re saying.

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