Possibly remote controlled vehices?

Okay, people may hate me for this but I think it would be quite interesting if you could put explosives on a vehicles, after adding some serious stuff too it, and remote control it to crash into something and blow up… Obviously if this even was considered it would probably require tons of materials to get it to work that way… And plus it would probably usually end up being a big waste of materials, OR, you could use it to drive through a town without being in it to lure the zombies away. Tell me how much you hate this or if you even like it at all

Maybe toy size ones, to lure zombies away, bombing small places and maybe quick-scanning with a mounted camera.

But, real size cars? Just no dude.

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Ehh felt like I had to post something every once in a while. So I did this. Gotta get that old regular rank of mine back :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would really like for Nelson to use a little inspiration from Far Cry 3 to 5.
When you get out of a vehicle that is stopped or barely moving, it automatically brakes and stands still on surfaces that are no more than 45 degrees of an angle. You can put C4s on the vehicle and then disengage the brakes without entering in the vehicle and you can later detonate the C4. Imagine putting little “garages” with spare vehicles that you can roll down a slope into your enemies. For the sake of balance, i suggest putting gas cans on the back of the vehicle and shoot them when you think it’s the right time for a smaller explosion than what a C4 charge would make. Shooting the vehicle would also make you exposed, so you need to be careful.
(Edit: Forgot to mention how sick that would be for a base defense)


From that to “remote controlled” cars, there’s big distance. Your idea sounds way more balanced and logical, and I also think that it should be doable by default, as cars will work much more properly.

TBH mostly wanted to do it so I could just remote control some random vehicle into a group of people and blow it up, laugh, Then cry at the materials I wasted.

I think it makes more sense to have full sized vehicles explosives than explosive drones, since vehicles can’t slip past defenses so easily.
Either way, there would need to be a limit on how effective or how many explosives can be placed on a vehicle.

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Hear hear.

Agreed, i was thinking of 2-3 gas cans max. Or maybe have them based on vehicle size. Say, an ATV would have a max of 1 gas can, Golf Cart or Buggies (if those are gonna be a thing) have 2 max gas cans, Hatchbacks and Sedans have a max of 3 and then Pickup Trucks have a max of 4. Sound like a neat idea, since more gas cans=more damage and bigger range of explosions, but the negative is that the vehicles are gonna be either rarer or just plainly more practical in other scenarios, such as cover from gunfire, high storage capacity, passenger capacity, so on. It would also require people’s bases to be more “advanced” to really allow for rarer vehicles to be used in such a disposable way.

Are people actually considering this?

At least i am :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not. At least not how you depicted it.

I’m not against car-bombs however, just about the “remote-control” part

TBH, if it was added, it would have pretty low range, plus you won have to control it by sight. So basics if you saw a car driving around with no driver, you know that someone who has spent quite a while on making it is nearby. It could work. I just don’t have enough battery on my phone to do a full on post… And it’s about to die, so goodbye T_T

Just no man, this isn’t Watch Dogs nor anything alike!

You guys talk about not making this a “mil-sim” game, but this idea goes totally towards to that LMAO

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How does modifying a vehicle make the game a military simulator. If you know how to modify cars correctly you could do it.
Also, I got a charger now so yeah

Why guyS ?

Also, it seems you use LMAO, and lol a lot. Do you have a laughing disorder? /s
Just a reminder /s means sarcasm. So don’t think I’m being rude, just you tend to use it more than others. But not as often as the joke said.
BTW, the military wouldn’t waste a vehicle just to hopefully blow up something, neither do they make trucks and stuff remote controlled. RCs with explosives is more military simulator like

Well, just think on how many people that actually know how to drive a real car by remote control might survive at the apocalypse (and be all together in a single map, facing to each other).

And also, RCs would be more-likely a militia-guerrilla tactic, since we’re not talking about drones (and since there are drones for common use, even those can appear ingame, lol).

And actually, military spents pretty much on a ton of stuff; like that, sending a drone to bomb some building is much cheaper for them than many other possible tactics lol

What I mean is trucks and stuff are less of, plus you have to sacrifice a vehicle to do this. And hopefully vehicles are more rare do yeah. Like man, imagine the possibilities with a truck! Plus it’s larger and less maneuverable than RCs, making it less op :stuck_out_tongue:

Please mail me whatever kind of berry you’re eating… Trucks? Man, cars seem OP enough… Seriously a truck?

I mean, thinking it straight, you could load it with a shit ton of explosives and make it a driveable MOAB. And I said it, I’m not against bomb vehicles at all, but control them by remote is too much; you could maybe drive it until certain distance from the target, jam the throttle or break the brakes (lol) and let it go like a massive rolling missile. Same with any kind of car.

However, think about how resource demanding would be to our PC’s to render such a monstrous explosion…

About my laughing syndrom: I actually laugh a lot on my own head, mirroring it on what I write, to compensate how much I actually don’t IRL :slight_smile: