Pre-Infection 'skillsets'

Before the Infection hit, people were doctors, lawyers, policemen, the list goes on and on. What if these people had a greater impact in 4.x then we have now?

Currently, in 3.x, you can choose a certain skillset that will reduce the cost of certain skills, (i.e. Doctor- immunity & healing). Now since skills in 4.x are getting a rework entirely, what if the “skillset” you chose, already gave you a particular skill?

For instance, if you choose the Thief skillset, you are already faster and quieter. If you chose the Farmer skillset, you better understand crop harvesting (more crops) and basic survival (less food consumed?). Maybe even something like the Worker skillset will unlock blueprints that would otherwise have to be grinded towards.



That’s what i understood, for example:
If we chose to be a doctor, we will start with max or half immunity skill.
If we chose to be a thief, we will start with max or half sneakybeaky.

Something like that, we start with the skill already, instead of it being a reduced cost.

I whould not mind this.

Oh wait… I completely misunderstood the post xdxd sorry y’all xd

I think I can remember that Nelson stated that skillsets were going to be removed. Anyway, if these aren’t, your idea would do right.

However, hopefully there will be LOTS of different actions to perform in Unturned II, so if it comes to it to be skillsets, then there should be plenty of them and not just 9 or 10 (I’d expect at least 16 to 20 or even more in that case).

EDIT: I have my own ideas about how skillsets should work. Regardless, I’m still waiting for @GreatHeroJ to do his post and then expose my own ideas with further detail.

Actually it’s possible that you will gains skills from actions, like you have to run a long time before you Max out your endurance or something.

I know bud, that’s where my comment was going, lol.


great, should make picking a charactor actually an important thing to consider

Balancing whatever form of skillsets we get is brutally important.
3.x’s Skillsets are not balanced in any way. We have: Police, Farmer and Spec Ops as must picks. With Chef and (for the most part) Lumberjack as these completely useless skillsets.

I would rather see skillsets allow the player to go beyond the maximum skill cap, thus allowing for benefiets no other skillset can obtain.
(Some of these extra skills could be completely different to the base skill, for example: Cooking 1, Cooking 2, Cooking 3, CHEF ONLY: Cheaper Cooking, CHEF ONLY: Cheaper Cooking 2.)

I don’t want to make this post too long, so I’ll just leave this here.

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One thing I’m worried about, is that doing this, would make Clan bases OP as they could get more items that singular players could not obtain.

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