Procedurally Generated Terrain & Scout AI

After the interview in ZOOM B’s stream a few days ago I remember Nelson speaking about Random Procedurally Generated Map Terrain ?

Kinda like how rust does it where every server is different and where you can loot will be based on RNG and the experience will always be unique. No more playing the same map over and over hoping for a different feel to the game.

We also could use a type of AI thats always scouting the ENTIRE map (Preferably aircraft). Going to POI (Points of interest) and keep players on their toes not only from other players but also this scouting AI. It could also prevent people from easily camping popular places with high-tier loot.


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Could be good for official servers, since those are always rotating and a lot of people would be playing them.

Very true. Unturned really needs a unique feel everytime you log into a server. With the same map all the time, people always go to the same place on the map and they build in the same place which just means its always a race to who gets to it first and experience players will know where they need to be to get an advantage. This can change with the map never being the same.

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Seems extra enjoyable for singleplayer.

Though I think this is only great as a map for sandbox survival similar to the experience to games with randomly generated terrain. A form of repetition still exists even if the layout is random and unpredictable with each new gameplay when it comes to survival goals (Where it is the same for all random maps).

There are several threads with the same topic about it.

Not saying it has no place in the game. If Nelson could produce such feature, there are probably a portion of the community who would love it while the others can play premade maps.


I always liked and had in mind the fact of randomly generated terrain for maps just like how Minecraft does it whit its terrain it creates random biomes and in the biomes all kind of structures that really just makes the environment colorful. it is a great first suggestion Cosmiic also welcome to the forum!

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I never really think about Singleplayer. I think this game is meant to be played for the Multiplayer. But I guess with AI that can make Singleplayer enjoyable :+1:

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Thanks, bud!

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Perhaps it would be possible to jumble biomes and structures together to have endless procedural maps?

This would be great and with us being able to deforest the trees that would be great just there would need to be some type of thing that says if something is inside something, it should do something to stop it and be a good way to use it

I could work like rust, but the rail roads and roads would have to all connect in logical ways.

If we had infinite maps then we would perhaps be able to clear locations and so.

I remember some older discussions on this forum , and I remember that people were against Procedurally Generated Terrain this topic for exemple Idea: Map Generator what tha heck did happend that they want this now.


I’ve heard he wants to make it where you selected an area so instead of having to place it down it does it for you

You mean build the blueprint of the house and then just put the materials and it becomes solid? I didn’t quite understand.

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It’s a RNG, If I remember correctly from zoom b’s Recent interview he said he wants to make it where a highlighted area will place down the houses, roads, etc. He was trying to say he wants it to be where people don’t have to place every house down

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That sounds cool.

I’d imagine such an algorithm being exceptionally hard for any indie team, let alone Nelson, to create and implement in a timely manner. Far too much effort for questionable returns IMO. However for example, some sort of compromise such as randomly determined building choice within preselected plots of a particular location would be good.

Infinite maps in UII are out of the question - Unreal only supports maximum map sizes of 20x20 km.

I think it could be an option but should not replace the map system we have currently. A feature like this won’t work for a game like Unturned’s gameplay, but it would be a fun mod.

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