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So what makes them such a terrible idea? If he does that before bandits he can excuse the bad A.I and lay a decent foundation, and well, not have to go at a break neck speed.

I’m sorry you can’t appreciate my point and immediately shoot it down.

Mean, we have sentrys in 3.0, they might have provided the base code for the hulks ranged attacks, and zombies like the spitter.

It’s supposed to be realistic. I can understand the autonomous sentries, which don’t seem that bad, maybe in coalition spots (if it returns). I just don’t feel like drones have a place in the game (Maybeeee drones?, pretty much no one wanted this)

Apologies for the somewhat late response.

If you had actually read what I had written, you would have noticed “NPCs should be able to use any firearm in the game, but the map would decide this through the level editor.”

This implies that they wouldn’t be running around with crazy weapons by default, but rather they can - if you decide to do so for your map.

Crafting times no, but scrapping times for certain large items, like the salvage time in 3.0, helps to balance the game.

Ah, so you mean as a feature.
Then yes of course the weapons should be customizable in map-editor for content creators!

Also @Peedeoo7 and @peterptron I am an advocate for crafting times, sorry lol.

Nelson said that he’s planning to have crafting times.


Well @NarcolepticHound, I hope you think of this every time you craft a band-aid in a gun fight!

You wanted it!!!

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Yes, because It prevents asspulls

I think that I have the best compromise for you and @Peedeoo7.

Have instant crafting like what exists currently, but when you are in combat, crafting times will be imposed.

Best of both worlds. Convenient and concise. Balanced, but not irritating.

Mean, yea, I whould not mind that.

My main complaint is Haveing to wait when i basebuild.

Haveing times just on my band-aid items (maybe including other tactical items), and I whould be perfectly fine.

Just… I don’t want those flashbacks from arc…

Invest in the crafting skillset, I proposed that the skillset would dramatically decrease crafting times. Which is why im all for crafting times.

It can be very difficult for games to detect whether or not you’re in combat. I’d say a better solution is that you could have some crafting station be automatic, so you could easily set them up to craft large amounts of material without needing to stay in the crafting menu, but it would still take time to do the crafting.

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Yes. Just yes.

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